Jan 28, 2010

Importance of Breastfeeding to the Mother (Part 2)

I apologize if I haven’t been quite clear on my previous posting on “Importance of Breastfeeding to the Mother”. What I mean to say is “The Benefits of Breastfeeding to the Mother”. I quote something from Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin:

“Sisters are doin' it for themselves.

Standin' on their own two feet.

And ringin' on their own bells.

Sisters are doin' it for themselves.”

YES LADIES, Its time for us to shout out demanding something for us. Its time to be selfish.

We moms and wives tend to turn into this selfless creature wanting and providing the best love and care to our family. This is not a negative thing, however we all know that at times it can get to the best or the worse of us. We might feel happy or frustrated. We might not need that “Thank you, Sayang” or “I Love you, Mama”, but we know we do need to feel appreciated at times. I don’t blame anyone for this. Most of the times I blame on the hormones. :D Hormones slalu buat kita moody and fikir benda negative.

So do you know, what is the best way to over come these feelings?

How about we start to change our perspective? How about we start to see our role as a wife and mother as something we have to do to be a great and superior woman. We are not just that great woman behind that great man.

We are that Wonderful Lady who can do many wonderous stuff that no other people can do. But we don't do it for them, we are doing it for ourselves!

And so, my previous posting is suppose to invoke that breastfeeding is not just to provide the best nutrition for our child. We shouldn't view as just that, while each day we enslave ourselves to the routine of breastmilk expressing at work or juggling between chores while breastfeeding our child.

It should be something more meaningful to us ladies because it is far more meaningful than just that.

Breastfeeding does have psychological and health impact on us.

But like what I said in my previous posting, not much research has been on on this topic. Most current literature available these days mainly discuss about the nutritional benefit to the child.

Its kinda unfair, isn’t it? The one who is providing the milk only gets to know more on the “best stuff about breastmilk” but not really on the benefit she is getting by trying to produce the milk.

Seriously, after thinking about the pains of breastfeeding, “afterpains” (pains that occur when a hormone is released from what is left of your brain and the milk letdown process begins. This hormone also stimulates your uterus to contract back to its pre-pregnant shape), crack nipple, engorgement, backpains from hours of breastfeeding, occasional blocked milk duct, routine milk expressing, lack of sleep or rest and many more (coz if i list it out, penuh la my blog nnt), how many women would brave it and breastfeed with all their heart, right?

So what is it in return we get from breastfeeding? For me:

1) Bonding- Production of oxytocin during lactation increases parasympathetic activity, thus reducing anxiety and theoretically fostering bonding, so it is generally understood that maternal oxytocin circulation can predispose women to form bonds and show bonding behaviour.Breastfeeding is also strongly believed to foster the early post-partum maternal bond, via touch, response, and mutual gazing. I was so scared tau when I first held Miya. But, breastfeeding helps me to bravely march into motherhood.

2) Voluptuous Boobies- I increased from A cup to B cup and on occasions to C. Boosted my body image confidence a bit.

3) Loss "after-baby" weight dramatically, but later gain proper me weight.

4) Increased of appetite- Healthy increase to my body weight, yet controllable. So proper calorie intake and usage, unlike before, where I am so skinning that my cousins keep on making fun of me “budak afrika g malnutri, weight problem, budak kecacingan).

5) Menstruation – I feel like my uterus cleans better.

6) Mood swings – 50-70% less than before baby...LOL.

7) Estrogens issues- Vaa vaa voom sex drive. Happy & No complains.

8) Self-confidence – Increased. Proudly carrying around breastpump to work, public breastfeeding, expressing yourself, thinking out loud and many more.

9) Cancer- My family do have a long line history of cancer. Knowing that breastfeeding does lower risk for certain type of cancer, it does give me a certain confort.

10) Friendship- I found lots of friends through breastfeeding support forum & blogs.

I do know that there are more reasons and benefit that breastfeeding gives me, but I can’t think of any more right now. Like I said before, I need to do more reading on this from research papers & literature so that we mommies will feel much more worth it in our mission to breastfeed our child.

Anyway....after reading my previous posting and this posting, I would really want to know on how u feel about what breastfeeding has done for you?

As for me, I am shouting "I breastfeed my baby for her benefit and MINE too!!"

(psst..its ok to be selfish on this issue)

Jan 27, 2010

Importance of Breastfeeding to the Mother

For the past centuries, there have been hundreds and thousands of research in rush to find alternatives to mother's breastmilk. It is only in this century, many research had reconfirm the importance of breastfeeding with data and facts backing the literature. Later being implements as a part of the health policy in WHO.

However, those research had only focused on assessing the breastmilk as the best nutrition source for an infant. Therefore opening rooms for research such as the recent finding by Dr Carlsen to open argument among parents, caregivers and paediatrician on if "breast is best".

What we are lacking of is actually of the whole picture....The benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and child. Breastfeeding is not just for the sole purpose of infant nutritional needs. Breastfeeding does give a positive impact to the mother/woman and maternal health too.

Let me share a short writing I found on the internet (forgive me for not citing it properly, lost the link):

Breastfeeding is a unique biological heritage potentially shared by women everywhere. The hormones of breastfeeding aid in the adjustment to mothering, in conservation of energy, and in subsequent nutrient recovery. Because the physiologic processes of breastfeeding are a normal part of the maturation of the female body, it is not surprising that breastfeeding seems to have the attributes of a preventive health measure for women: Breastfeeding is beneficial for women's health.

The sequelae of breastfeeding, and of having breastfed, are not minor: Breastfeeding, sometimes referred to as the final stage of labor, reduces the risk for (1) postpartum blood loss by increasing the rate of uterine contraction, (2) premenopausal breast cancer, and (3) ovarian cancer.

In addition to reducing the severity of anemia, breastfeeding may cause other changes that may help to protect mothers against bladder and other infections.

Also, epidemiologic studies seem to indicate that, despite the apparent bone loss that occurs in women during lactation, women who breastfeed may be at reduced risk for spinal and hip fracture after menopause. In addition to the direct health effects, breastfeeding seems to provide a sense of bonding, a sense of well-being, and an improved sense of self-esteem for many women.

These statements are considered controversial. This article explores several of these issues in a manner designed to aid in the understanding of why controversy surrounds breastfeeding research findings and, perhaps, why emotions or personal experiences may affect scientific interpretation in this field.

Nonetheless, from just looking at us breastfeeding mom, I think we can see a clear pattern of positive physiologic changes that lead to improved short-term and long-term health sequelae are emerging.

All families should be informed fully as to the positive preventive health effects of breastfeeding not only for infants but also for mothers, kan?

Women have many difficult choices to make; it behooves physicians to ensure that they receive all of the facts on which to base these decisions. If there is no support to breastfeed, especially from doctors and experts, a mother would easily succumb to just giving formula milk to their infant.

So, rugi aje the mother sendiri tak dapat nikmati the benefit of breastfeeding tu.

I feel like writing more on this, but I do need to do some further reading. If you mommies out there have something to share too, drop a comment. ;)

Jan 22, 2010

More baby products recalled- help get the word out.

Help get the word out:

Two widely used children products have been recalled. If you have them, stop using them and get repair kits.

First are 635,000 cribs made by Dorel Asia SLR. The drop-side hardware on the cribs can fail, causing the drop side to detach from the crib. When the side detaches, it creates a space in which an infant or toddler can become entrapped and suffocate or strangle. CPSC and Dorel Asia received a report of the death of a 6-month-old from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who became entrapped and strangled in a crib after the drop-side hardware broke. The recalled cribs also pose a serious entrapment and strangulation hazard when a slat is damaged.

Second, Graco Children’s Products is recalling 1.5 million Passage, Alano and Spree strollers. Some styles of the products have hinges on the canopy that could cut and/or amputate a child’s fingertip when the canopy is opened or closed.

Jan 21, 2010

Early education on Breastfeeding?

How soon should your daughter be exposed to breastfeeding knowledge?

after seeing the video.....what say u?

I say its cute, but a bit inappropriate.
She might need a nursing cover
to go along with the baby....LOL

Jan 20, 2010

Clean your Home in 10mins or less?

Jan 18, 2010

Mama suka Yoga..Miya suka Yogo (part 2)

As promised, video Miya doing Yogo.

Pagi ni, the Piplings did 4 posture. Starts in position "namaste", then they did "cat", "mouse", "owl" and "lion".

Jan 15, 2010

Mama suka Yoga..Miya suka Yogo

Ever since zaman anak dara lagi I've been doing yoga 2-3 kali seminggu. It helps me to keep fit and badan rasa sihat. Believe me, jarang kena migraine or period pain kalau I buat everyday. Back pain & stiff shoulder pun kurang.

My last yoga routine was the daily pre-natal yoga I did throughout my whole pregnancy. It did help me a lot in going through pregnancy pain & alhamdulillah my labour was a swift...

However, after dah ada Miya, no yoga. I do just whatever exercise I can do. Belly dance while blogging or doing house work, walking while pushing the pram to the market and our usual 7km "family morning walk". The only form of yoga I am still doing now is the Solat. I have always think that solat position is similar to yoga if you do it right and during solat you play and meditate. Betul kan?

Baru-baru ni ada show on TV for kids called Waybuloo. The 1st time Miya watched it. She loves it to the core. The show is a bit of a natural & new age teaching...hippie too. So the characters (called piplings) live a natural/green living, eat lots of organic fruits and do the yoga. But they don't call it yoga..Its YOGO. Suitable for toddlers & kids..Super cute!!

And guess what? Miya pun ikut Yogo. She tried her best to follow & do the positions. memang Super Kawaiii!! (Nanti when I get the chance, I'll get it on video & upload it).

Wah wah..like mother like daughter. Maybe coz dah biasa buat time dlm tummy..

So now we both do Yogo each morning depan TV. Bagus juga ada Waybuloo, kurangnya Mama ada chance nak yoga dgn Miya. Hmm..maybe after this I try pasang Yogazone and see if Miya nak follow. Takut it would be too boring for her coz no cute character in the video.

Jan 14, 2010

What is Spatial Skill? (Part 2)

Ini sambungan from my previous post on
Spatial Skills.

This ability is important for generating and conceptualizing solutions to multi-step problems that arise in areas such as architecture, engineering, science, mathematics, art, games, and everyday life.

Some little things to know about the profile of a person with great spatial skills:

“A profile of an individual with higher acuity to spatial-temporal reasoning is otherwise referred to as having an exceptional spatial awareness. These children think in pictures and images.

They tend to perceive the environment holistically, storing information in a non-sequential fashion, revealing the strength of their right-brain processing.

Their rich internal imagery makes them very imaginative and creative. They are the visual learners. They like posters and pictures and movies and other visual presentations of new information. They are daydreamers, sometimes becoming so engrossed in their own internal "movie" that they don't seem aware of the external environment.

But, don't be fooled. They are also keen observers of the world around them, noticing subtleties and details that most of us miss. They also have an excellent awareness of space, the orientation of their body and others.” –about.com

Hmm..I perhati Miya does have these characteristic. How about your kids? But I guess most kids of an eager leaner nature, do have these characteristics, right?

So among the things I have been doing in trying to develop these skills with Miya (in which she enjoys a lot), I let her play organizing games. Stack things up, organize/coordinate in colors, arrange/rearrange and many more.

These are the little things I can do to contribute to my child’s growth. How about your contribution? Do share with us.

Jan 12, 2010

My method in trying/ensuring a flat/fit abs?

di buat time sorang or time dgn miya la..
jgn dibuat depan org lain...malu..hikhikhik...

i biasa mengadap computer sambil berdiri,
so cara ni boleh di buat sambil berblog. ;)

Jan 11, 2010

Something Good for Low Blood Pressure Mom

Naik tak darah?

So...like all vandals, Miya sentenced to Community Service...

Again I thank God for the creation of washable crayons!!

Jan 8, 2010

Breastmilk vs Formula Milk

A hot topic for Aussie news today:

Breastmilk no better than formula, says ProfessorSven Carlsen.

BREAST milk was no better for a baby than formula, a European pregnancy expert has said, claiming it made a child only slightly healthier.

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has reported that Norwegian professor Sven Carlsen this week said breast-fed babies were slightly healthier, but it was not the milk that made the difference.

Instead, he said, babies who were breast-fed had benefited from better conditions in the womb.

The professor, an expert in the hormonal changes of pregnancy, claimed: "Baby formula is as good as breast milk."

The bold statement is likely to reignite debate over whether "breast is best" and will possibly confuse mothers who are under pressure from Britain's Department of Health to feed their babies on breast milk alone for the first six months of life.

Britain's National Health Service leaflets tell mothers that breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months will help prevent obesity, eczema and ear, chest and tummy bugs.

Avoiding formula, they are told, will cut the odds of a child becoming a fussy eater, as well as cut the mother's odds of some cancers and help with weight loss.

Australia's Federal Government last year endorsed breast milk with a new strategy designed to increase community acceptance, establish breastfeeding support networks and improve training for health professionals.

In June last year, the Queensland Government also endorsed a pro-breastfeeding policy.

Prof Carlsen's claim came after he carried out a review of more than 50 studies into the relationship between health and breastfeeding.

Most concluded that the longer a child was nursed, the healthier it would be.

The professor said while this might be true, it was because of a healthier pregnancy.

His research shows that high levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in the womb affect a woman's ability to produce milk and to breastfeed.

With testosterone levels affected by the health of the placenta, which ferries oxygen and nutrients to the baby, the professor believes high amounts indicate poorer conditions in the womb overall.

This means any differences in the health of a baby bottle-fed because its mother finds breastfeeding difficult are set before birth, rather than afterwards.

But a spokeswoman for England's Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Charlotte Wright, said the claims were "irresponsible and overblown".

"Women should remember that we were not designed to be bottle-fed," she said.

"Formula is an artificial alternative."

So what do mommies out there think?

To me, if the mommy is healthy & is able to provide breastmilk, why don't they just give it a go. Breastmilk is filled with LIVING cells and active antibody. Its free and healthy. As for Formula milk will cost most parents around $50-100 a month with the best combination of nutrition in trying to imitate the breastmilk properties. Breastfeeding mom just need to buy a proper breastpump with all its storage bottle and cooling set (in which can be used for years), cost as low as $120 up to $400. Mommies should also remember the benefits breastfeeding gives to the mother. Its not just about the $$, it the health benefit. Your womb shrinks to its original size faster, lesser risk on cancer, and that special bond.

But if a mom not able to breastfeed, we have no rights to judge them. We could never be a good mom, if we judge people without hearing their side of the story.

Anyway Formula Milk is a good alternative, provided that it is from a reliable and safe source. I had my moments when I was not able to provide the sufficient amount of breastmilk to Miya, so I did gave her the occasional Formula Milk feed.

However moms should also remember that both type of milk does have their own cons.

For breastmilk, many studies have proven that toxic traces have been found in them. It comes from the mother's body that have been polluted by the "baddy" world today. Mommy's food and diet, mommy's cosmetics, mommy's clothes, mommy's medicine, detergent, pillows...and the list goes on. So mommy need to be smart and green to overcome this problem.

For formula milk, babies may have to go thru mind boggling, allergies and tummy aching series on the search for the most suitable formula. Sometimes babies just don't like the taste. Some babies can't even tolerate cow's milk base formula milk. Some mom's worry that soy base formula milk would give a negative impact on their baby boy's manly growth....and Goat's milk formula milk is just too expensive...

So...........I guess it depend on what's your cup of tea....what tickle your fancy...

As for me, I am happy with what I can provide for Miya. Miya is now 20months, still breastfeed, eating yummy homemade food and with a compliment of 225ml Pediasure Complete a day (additional nutri, if incase she is not getting enough).

Miya had 5+months fully breastfeed prior to complimentary breastfeed. Just happen to be that breastfeeding works for me.

Jan 7, 2010

Miya dah reti berangan/termenung..

Anak dara..anak dara...Menung apa tu, anak dara?

Maybe she is observing and thinking?


Miya learning & exploring new things- Shadow & Shades

Miya learns about Bright & Dark......Oo.....

wow! mama, bila pakai shades, kurang silau la.. waaa..

Woah....If we stand in front of a light, nanti ada shadow..woah....

Jan 6, 2010

Mommies Hand Shield!

We mommies slalu risau pasal tangan kita. We wash, we clean, we cook & we care for our loved ones. How do we know our hands tak rosak kena chemical from bahan pencuci, how do we know our hands tak carry germs and passed it to something else.

So yesterday I sumble upon this product.

The Hand Shield provides cost effective protection of 4 hours or more with each easy application from a tube or pump bottle. Safe for all skin types - Hand Shield features mostly natural ingredients - including Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil - which penetrate and moisturize the skin leaving it non-greasy and well protected.

Best part is that it protects the skin from 100's of common irritants and skin abuses, and may be used to help prevent problems caused by constant exposure to rubber or latex gloves, such as contact dermatitis and eczema. It will protect against most contact allergies and prevents odours from petrol, solvents and food from penetrating the skin. It saves cleaning time after contact with irritants such as oil, paint etc, and avoids the cost of traditional barrier creams and cleansers. It gives temporary emergency protection from the effects of most acids, and is even gentle enough to protect a baby's skin from nappy rash. Wow..it can do lots of things!!

Best..mmg best..but its $25.99..U think it will be a great investment?

Also wondering juga, since it acts like an invisible glove, agaknya air sentuh kulit tak time ambil wudu'? Dah la it last til 4hours protection, naya aje kalau wudu' tak sah nanti.

Menyampaikan Saje -Islamic Perspective on Breastfeeding.

I got this info from hana in which she got it from her friend...Something most muslim mom mungkin tahu tapi kurang disemai.

Apabila seorang bayi dilahirkan ke dunia ini, dia memerlukan ibunya. Bayi itu perlu diberi makanan yang diserap melalui darah ibunya semasa di dalam kandungan. Makanan ini telah ditukar dengan kehendak dan kuasa Allah kepada susu yang mengandungi semua kandungan penting dan perlu untuk tumbesaran bayi itu. Al-Quran ada menyebut tentang penyusuan ibu dan perhubungan antara bayi dan ibu susunya iaitu apabila ibunya tidak dapat menyusu dengan sebab-sebab tertentu maka ibu susu diupah untuk menyusuinya. "Dan ibu-ibu hendaklah menyusukan anak-anak mereka selama dua tahun genap, iaitu bagi orang yang hendak menyempurnakan penyusuan itu". Dari ayat di atas (Al-Baqarah:233)kita dapat pendirian berikut:

Adalah kewajipan ibu untuk menyusui bayinya dan meyempurnakan haknya untuk menikmati dan mendapat kebaikan susu ibu, jika dia mampu.

Tempoh penyusuan susu ibu bagi mereka yang ingin memenuhinya ialah dua tahun. "Dan kewajipan bapa pula ialah memberi makan dan pakaian kepada ibu itu menurut cara yang sepatutnya. Tidaklah diberatkan seseorang melainkan menurut kemampuannya. Janganlah menjadikan seseorang itu menderita kerana anaknya, dan (jangan juga menjadikan) seseorang bapa itu menderita kerana anaknya: dan waris juga menanggung kewajipan yang tersebut (jika si bapa tiada). Kemudian jika kedua-duanya (suami isteri) mahu menghentikan penyusuan itu dengan persetujuan (yang dapat dicapai oleh) mereka sesudah berunding, maka mereka berdua tidaklah salah (melakukannya). Dan jika kamu hendak beri anak-anak kamu menyusu kepada orang lain, maka tidak ada salahnya bagi kamu apabila kamu serahkan (upah) yang kamu mahu beri itu dengan cara yang patut." (Al-Baqarah:233)

Bapa sepatutnya membantu ibu yang sedang menyusu dengan menyediakan keadaan yang ibu itu perlukan untuk menyusu. Ini menunjukkan yang Islam menganggap penyusuan susu ibu itu sebagai kewajipan utama yang ibu patut laksanakan. Di sini, ibu tidak patut dibebani dengan kerja yang lain. Adalah jelas di sini bahawa al-Quran sudah menjelaskan hak ibu yang sedang menyusu.

Jika bapa tiada atau sudah meninggal dunia, salah seorang ahli keluarga harus mengambil alih tanggunggjawab terhadap bayi dan ibu untuknya terus menyusu.

Menceraikan susu adalah dibenarkan sebelum tamat tempoh dua tahun dengan syarat. Keputusan ini dibuat setelah mendapat persetujuan kedu-dua ibu dan bapa, setelah mereka membincangkan kebaikan dan keburukan keputusan yang dibuat serta cara untuk memberi penjagaan yang rapi kepada anak.

Ibu yang tidak mampu dan tidak boleh menyusui bayinya adalah digalakkan mengupah orang lain untuk menyusui bayinya. Islam memerintahkan bapa untuk memberi upah kepada ibu yang meyusukan anaknya. Dengan cara ini, Islam memastikan anak itu mendapat segala keperluannya dalam tempoh penyusuan itu. Allah telah memenuhi segala keperluan bayi dan susu yang dihisap olehnya tiga hari pertama dalam kehidupan bayi.
Buah dada ibunya akan menghasilkan sejenis cecair berwarna kekuningan iaitu kolestrom yang terdapat dalam kuantiti yang kecil. Cecair ini sudah cukup untuk memenuhi segala keperluan makanan bayi dalam hari-hari pertama kehidupannya. Tambahan pula ia membantu bayi untuk mula menerima dan mencernakan makanan yang dihisapnya. Dalam masa 24 jam buah dada ibu menghasilkan susu yang diperlukan untuk makanan bayi sehinggalah dia mencerai susu.
Ibu yang enggan menyusui bayinya tanpa sebab yang munasabah telah mengabaikan satu tanggungjawab hakiki terhadap bayinya yang telah diamanahkan oleh Allah. Penyusuan susu ibu menjanakan perasaan keibuan dan memperkayakan sifat kasih sayang. Selain dari apa yang diperkatakan tadi, penyusuan susu ibu menggerakkan sistem penghadaman ibu untuk menghasilkan makanan untuk bayi, dengan itu juga mempertingkatkan kesihatan ibu tersebut. Penyusuan susu ibu juga boleh menolong mengembalikan ibu kepada keadaan asal (sebelum bersalin) dengan cepat dan mengurangkan risiko barah buah dada dan ovari.

Artikel yang sungguh menarik. Please take note this one.....

Ibu yang enggan menyusui bayinya tanpa sebab yang munasabah telah mengabaikan satu tanggungjawab hakiki terhadap bayinya yang telah diamanahkan oleh Allah.

Saje post nak pass on & share with other mommies. Rasa interesting? Post it on your blog too. Ni lebih bermakna dr ChainLetter, kan?

Jan 5, 2010

A Child's Rights? (Part 2)

Have we ever reflected on our world today, our Islamic way of life seemed to have been tainted with our obsession with materialism, greed, selfishness and lust for power. I didn't mean it directly to be that hard and harsh, but yet we all know that these factors have once or twice taken hold of our heart. Alhamdulillah, Allah still loves us and with all generosity given us a few "wake-up call" along the way.

It is certainly unfair and somewhat incorrect for us to drag our children along into these obsession, yet we know that by educating them well will better equip them to survive in this world....and yes, to survive in this modern world is to have skills.

And from many research and papers that I have read, it is indeed that the teaching of Aadaabul Islam has been lost over time by the majority of Muslims all over the world and even by some of our scholars and leaders. Many of us have forgotten on following the proper example made by Rasulullah (SAW) and so have failed to demonstrate such Islamic Model to the children.

Many scholars and writer have documented concerns about such failure and many research have proven that, without Aadaabul Islam:

1) rapid rising occurance of disrespect and disobedience to parents, elders and authorities;
2) disregard the rights of others as well as the rights of the self over others;
3) lack of compession for the young;
4) intolerance;
5) racialism and racism;
6) proudly adapting to un-Islamic manners.

Sounds familiar, isn't it? The norm of our community?

Some scholars blame the education system provided by the schools. Many muslim children attending school with secular education spending 6 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 40 weeks per year. Then we send them for additional classes at prep school or tuition centres. We send them to swimming classes. We send them to art classes. We send them to taewondo classes. So how much more time left for the child to spend on learning Aadaabul Islam?

From here, I'm starting to realize that we should educate our child about Islam as soon as we can, before they reach that age where they will be busy with school and other activities.

As soon as we can, we should teach them all we can about Islam and let them know that its not just a religion. It's a way of life...in this matter we can become "kiasu". Islam should become something natural to us. Its just like the need to brush out teeth in the morning, to pee in the toilet, to wear our clothes, to eat healthily. .... and many more...

What say u mommies out there?

Jan 4, 2010

A Teddyphone for Miya?

This is something I dearly want for Miya once she starts school.

The Teddyphone's Main Features:

  • 10 times less emissions than a conventional mobile phone
  • doesn't look like a mobile phone, so unlikely to attract unwanted attention
  • limited functionality - no texting or downloading
  • only allows calls to four preprogrammed numbers
  • automated SOS alert feature
  • child tracking facility

A Child's Rights? (Part 1)

Most of us at most time want to know if our young ones are "normal" and meeting their developmental milestones. We try to give them a quality early education program hoping that they will develop those skills and attributes.

We know that we need to provide these because these are our children's rights. We brought them into this world and so we are responsible to make sure they are of privilege to their rights. But not many parents these days fully realize this relationship responsibility.

One of the most important rights to be fulfilled is the proper Islamic education and moral training of children. Have we "tarbiyyah" our children in accordance to their rights?

The rights that parents have over children and the rights that children have over parents have been discarded over time......except in families that practice strict Islamic conduct.

I am ashamed to admit that I have been selective in the application of Islamic conduct in my daily practise...However I am proud to admit that I am trying to provide a better Aadaabul Islam to my child.

Tarbiyyah is about looking after, to nurture, to nourish, to help grow and flourish.

With Doa filling my heart and soul, I wish to tarbiyyah my offspring to reach a full Iman and Taqwa. I believe that if a child have fulfilled these, the worldly matters and rights will be much easier to achieve.

I want my child:

To learn to be Sabar, not Hasty.
To know Redha, not Frustration.
To give Thanks, not Wanting.
To understand, not Confuse & Retaliation.
To be gentle, not tantrum.
To do things as part of Ibadah, not just a duty.

I have many more wish and The One alone understand this mother's heart.

Do any other mommies out there feel me?

-To be continued: I have many more to write about this.

Jan 3, 2010

Miya exploring science @ Scienceworks!!

During hari-hari cuti Papa, we all went to SCIENCEWORKS. Scienceworks is a great place to challenge curious minds and keep active bodies busy. Scienceworks makes learning about science and technology a fun, interactive adventure.

Miya, Mama & Papa seronok sangat spending quality family time while getting educational benefit.

Do you guys do these kind of activities too with your family? Miya hope so too..

-psst...sorry semua gambar kecil. just click on it to enlarge. ;)

Jan 1, 2010

Miya Suka Ponyo!

Mula-mula Miya suka siri Upin & Ipin.

Then Miya suka Bolt. Pastu Madagascar, Ice Age and Nemo. Then Upin Ipin & Geng.

Now Miya suka Ponyo!!


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FUCK YOU UP!!! son of a bitch