Jul 28, 2010

Breastfeeding benefits you from birth til death?

New research has linked the nation's chronic disease burden with the absence of breastfeeding.

Thirty per cent of people aged between 35 and 40 were not breastfed as babies.

The Australian National University research assessed the outcomes of dozens of existing studies, with the aim of explaining what factors trigger chronic diseases such as diabetes, digestive diseases and heart problems.

Researcher Dr Julie Smith says she found adults who were prematurely weaned as infants are more likely to suffer in the long term, compared to those who were breastfed.

"The risk associated with lack of breastfeeding in infancy was 30 per higher for many conditions compared to breastfed infants," she said.

Dr Smith says mothers need more support in hospital and the community.

She is challenging federal, state and territory governments to do more to ensure breastfeeding is a realistic choice for mothers.

"The universal health recommendation is around six months of exclusive breast feeding," she said.

"With only half of women in Australia even making six months of breastfeeding, we have got a considerable way to go to make it possible for many women. Sometimes that is about parental leave."

Jul 26, 2010

Kisah ngidam yang karut-karut.

Time pregnant Miya dulu takde la mengidam sangat takat nak gulai lemak udang my mom (2nd trimester), ice-cream baskin robin (tiap2 ahad), kopi ais Killiney Kopitiam (every weekday after lunch) and risotto (dekat2 nak bersalin). Alhamdulillah semua tu di layan.

So apa kisah mengidam adik Miya?

This time around, its more mengarut. Its early pregnancy, but selera I dah macam-macam dah. If I don't eat or food tak meet my craving, I akan mabuk. Lawak kan?

I pernah nak makan choc donut, halwa arab (tahiniya), choc pudding, air teh limau, nasi tumpang (mmg tak dpt layan ni sebab takde org kelantan terdekat boleh bantu), biskut colek dgn humus, tomato sos with almost everything (termasuk nasi), sour tape, and baru-baru ni bubur pulut hitam.

So mmg la mana boleh layan I layan. Mana mmg tak dapat tu, mintak maaf la ye selera weh.

Ni nak masak bubur pulut hitam ni, dok mencari beras tu since friday. Akhirnye jumpa jugak beras ni kat kedai Indon dekat dengan sekolah Miya. Sampai-sampai rumah aje, tak ingat benda lain, terus masak bubur. :D

Siap aje bubur, tak tunggu sejuk sikit pun. Terus bedal...Nikmat!!!

So itulah kisah mengarut I buat masa ni?

Care to share your kisah mengidam yang karut-karut?

Jul 22, 2010

Breastfeeding & Pregnancy

Yay! I’ve reached a point where I can finally write about breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Eventhough Miya is over 2years old, I am still breastfeeding her. Bukan sebab sentimental, but more of convenience. So kalau I tengah mabuk-mabuk, tired tak larat nak sediakan food for her or we all tengah on the go while running errand, Miya still takkan kelaparan because I can just offer her some milk. My milk is always nutritious and the best food Miya could have. Her feeding amount pun dah reduced, yet I know that the immunological benefits are still very valuable.

So how does it feel?

As early as 4weeks pregnant, during breastfeeding I terasa sakit kat nipple. The pain is similar to the feeling when I first breastfeed Miya after her birth while having a cracked nipple. It feels like the kid’s mouth have this powerful suction. Ada rasa macam budak tu mengigit juga, walaupun sebenarnya dia menyusu saja. Also I feel tired frequent and bila menyusu lama sikit, badan rasa lenguh/sengal.

Happily I declare that breastfeeding during pregnancy is not a problem for me.

However, baru-baru ni after a series of blood test, I found that almost everything is ok. Its just that I kena vitamin D deficiency. Nasib la kan, dah le pregnant sambil menyusu, pastu now tengah winter pulak. Mana nak cari matahari sihat. Matahari pun segan-segan nak kluar.

The doctor said there shouldn’t be any problem for a pregnant mom to continue nursing, but she reminded me that I should really really really take a good care of my diet and never miss without a “pregnancy & breastfeeding multivitamin”.

She said for normal and healthy pregnancy (with no previous history of miscarriage in the first 20 weeks or preterm labour after 20 weeks) there is no evidence to suggest breastfeeding is threatening to a pregnancy. If you do miscarry, it is unlikely to be because you are breastfeeding. There is no such thing that breastfeeding is taking 'the goodness away from the unborn baby'.

Dah memang Allah tu Maha Kuasa kan? In reality it is your unborn baby has the first call on all the nutrients it needs, the second is your breastfeeding child and lastly whatever nutrient left is for the mother. Memang Allah dah jadikan badan mothers like that. Kasih saying ibu tu not limited to perasaan aje tau.

Jul 21, 2010

Miya's 1st Catfight!!

While I was busy being poked and tested in the ER, Miya had her 1st cat fight.

Bila Miya & Papa-nya masuk dalam ER, the minute Miya nampak Mama, terus la dia drama; mengadu sakit kena cakar.

Papa-Miya & I dunno the whole story, so we all malas la nak fuss about it. For all we know, entah-entah Miya yang cari pasal dulu. Or you know, kids being kids. Sometimes ada problem with sharing. They might push or rampas stuff from each other, in which might spark a fight.

Anyway, bagus gak la whatever 1st aid yang cikgu dia bagi tu. Papa-nya said the cikgu gave a cold compression and apa entah lagi. Memula I saw part kena cakar tu, it was bright red. But a bit later, makin kurang merahnya. See dalam gambar-gambar ni, that is about 4-5 hours after I 1st saw her in the ER.

Jul 20, 2010

My 2nd Pregnancy- No such thing as a confident pregnancy!!

It's time to make it official. Yes Mommies, I'm pregnant!!

Well... we found it out early as soon as the 5th week because we were trying for our 2nd child and the minute my period was late, with no hesitation I did the home-pregnancy-test.

Alhamdulillah this time around the morning sickness is not as bad as when I was carrying Miya. Teringat lagi kisah 6weeks pregnant with Miya, when I was hospitalized for 3days & kena drip about 14 bags of fluids. The morning sickness was so bad. I could not hold anything down to the point I was severly dehydrated.

For this 2nd pregnancy, so far I will feel mabuk if my tummy build up wind sebab kosong. Memang lah kerja I kena makan aje. Tapi makan sikit-sikit aje. If too much, there comes the heartburn or bubling gas. Haa..pastu rasa senak or nak muntah la.

Now 8 weeks pregnant, something similar of both pregnancy occurs. Last Saturday I started to have spotting. I didn't pay much attention as I thought that it might have something to do with my UTI. However, the spotting becomes heavier when Monday comes. Suddenly I mula teringat my bleeding during early pregnancy time carry Miya. At that time the doctor gave me a hormonal jab (dah le mahal RM120 sekali cucuk, sakit giler plak tu) and I was put to bed rest for a few days.

Thinking that this is a similar case, I called my GP and she told me to rush to the ER of the Women's Hospital that I've registered with. After almost 5hours with them, 1 urine test, 1 blood test, basic medical check-up, 1001 questions of medical history, 2 uterine sample; the doctor finally concluded that my pregnancy is safe for now and almost everything doesn't point to the miscarriage. However, they are not 100% sure unless I come over again the next day for an ultrasound scan.

And so, the next day, tergedek-gedek Miya & I jalan to the ER for that Ultrasound appointment. Yang bengkeknye, since we are at the ER, they will have to make way for more urgent case dulu. Jadinya berjanggut la Miya menunggu and Mama-nya nak terlelap-lelap dah.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah bila scan, we saw the heartbeat. Miya pun cam pelik aje. Gambar apa doktor tunjuk kat screen tu. I said "Miya, that's your adik". Dia makin blur kat situ. Gelak aje la I, the Midwife & the Doctor.

So the doctor concluded that the ada luka sikit aje. Dunno the reason. Maybe ada silap ke or terlasak or maybe the baby is just growing fast. Only if the bleeding doesn't stop in another week or 2, I kena rush to the ER again.

The lesson I learned here, there is no such thing as a confident pregnancy even though you have had the experience before. Worrying is the key to a healthy pregnancy..hahahhahha...But over-worrying is another. :P

If any moms out there are planning for 2nd pregnancy, I would recommend on getting your hand on this book "Twice Blessed" . It was one of my must haves and now I'm enjoying the read.

Jul 9, 2010

2-3years old Creative Activities

At the age of 2-3 years old, it is natural for a child to become more creative & imaginative.

He/she will learn the function of a paint brush strokes or a line from a crayon. From a certain combination of lines/strokes, the child can create shapes. Shapes can then create characters.

From there, their imagination and pretend play are in use.

Here's what we did today with coloured papers, scissors, glue, hole puncher, pen & marker.

We made Baa Baa Fashionista Sheep With Pink Shoes.

And Itsy Bitsy Witsy Stylo Spider.

After dah siap the artwork, try to get the child to explain or tell a story about the artwork. Then you tell your version of the story pula.

Jul 6, 2010

And the Crown goes to.....

Bahagia sangat hati dia dapat ada crown sama macam princess dalam kartun tu.

Jul 5, 2010

Syok Tengok Anak Berselera Makan

Jul 2, 2010

Toddler DIY Project - Pasta Craft!!


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