Jan 28, 2009

miya's passion on books

Jan 24, 2009

Again the battle of the bedtime...kenapa Miya perlu berperang utk tidur malam?

Lately ever since the both of us are unemployed, our daily routine have become more spontaneous and are lesser to predict. Could this have caused Miya to learn tantrum near or during bedtime?

From my reading on one of Dr Montessori's article, a child needs a good routine for him/her to grow smarter..and so it goes:

"A ritual helps children learn what is expected of them and helps them to feel safe because nothing is a surprise. According to Montessori, "a child needs peaceful sameness in order to construct his inner life." (Montessori, A Child in the Family ) At the Children's Center, we use many rituals throughout the day to help create a structure which defines what comes next for the children. The sequence, not the clock or the caregiver, lets the children know what follows what. This helps improve their concentration, develop independent thinking, organize their thoughts, mind and body, and, helps us move the children along to the next activity. At home, sequences are useful too. The child quickly learns that after I brush my teeth, I will take a bath, then I will have a foot rub, and then bedtime.

Predictability and routine help children gain a sense of mastery and security. By knowing what comes next, the child is able to predict what will happen and can take an active rather than passive part of her own caretaking. Current research shows that repeated experiences make physical changes in the brain and affect the physical, cognitive and emotional development. Your routines and rituals do matter for your child's developing personality.

Rituals have ground rules -- for example, no reading after 9:00 PM, no back rubs on the big bed, only one glass of water at bedtime, etc. --- and it is important to enforce your ground rules. As William Sears notes, "Establish rules but at the same time create conditions that make the rules easier to follow. Children need boundaries. They won't thrive or survive without limits; neither will their parents.... This involves setting wise limits and providing structure." (Sears, The Discipline Book)

Children will push and test limits. If you find your bedtime ritual getting longer and longer (as I did), you may need to try to find another part of the day to give your child the extra attention he is asking for -- and needs. Perhaps first thing in the morning or early evening after supper. Focused time earlier in the day or evening may satisfy the child of his need for your attention. Pay attention to the needs of your child at bedtime. It can tell you a great deal about what is going on for your child."

Or whatever we are having now is her favored routine?

8pm after bath, breastfeed til she fall asleep (anytime after bath, WAJIB have milk..or else she'll be cranky).

then quick nap for an hour, while papa & mama miya have dinner (while watching Dr House abusing his staff).

then miya will scream, then we pick her up..quick play for 30mins to 1hour...then the whole family go to to bed..

IS THAT A HEALTHY BED TIME ROUTINE? if its not, marah miya. coz if we dont follow such routine..she will kick a fuss...throw tantrum all over the world!!

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my simple material at home - montessori

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Jan 15, 2009

Menu for My 8month old Miya

Since Miya is 8months old, she started to show her personality. Ada character..ada attitude…and I really hate it that now dia dah mula show her personality and attitude towards her food.

It is important to note that even at this stage, not all babies between the age of 8-12 months old will be eating the same amounts nor will they be eating the same foods. Tu la yang buat mama miya ni pening and resah.

Selepas almost a week of compiling menu and mind boggling thinking process, I came up with this menu. These menu mama miya come up after knowing miya’s favorites and also have been tested and waited at its proper time period to detect an allergic reaction.


· ½ cup Fruity Yogurt, 1/2cup Oatmeal with Fruits (pisang/prune/apple puree)

· ¼ Toast with cheese & fruits, 1/2cup Rice Fruity Tofu Pudding

· 1 panini cheese with prunes

· 1 panini/tortilla with cheese + banana


· 1cup Angelhair pasta with pumpkin sauce (pumpkin puree, garlic oil & grated carrots)

· 1cup Spaghetti with Popeye Pesto (Garlic Oil, spinach, cheese & green peas=all pureed)

· 1cup Spaghetti with Potato Chunks & mince beef (buat ala2 goreng2 with butter/olice oil)

· 1 bijik Ketupat with Ayam carik2/mince beef & vege chunks.

· Rojak Singapore Ala Baby (kentang goring, tofu goring & steam vege, tanpa kuah rojak)

Dinner or Snack time

· 1cup Beehoon/ketiau Soup with chicken soup or vege soup

· 1cup Oats with vege/chicken soup

· 1cup Oat with milk & fruits

· Rusk with milk

· Baby bites chicken vege flavoue.

Well tu la menu yg I plan for Miya, but the thing is dia still picky….kekadang I have to sediakan 2 jenis makanan, Sweet & Savory..so dia akan makan half of the sweet & half of the savory. Experts keep on saying that:

“Do NOT feel as though your baby should be eating solid foods according to any schedule! Your baby will eat as much solid foods as your baby needs - trust your baby's cues!”

But I don’t know why, my little heart still worries, wondering if Miya is having enough calories as required by her active body or not. I just pray that makanan yg I sediakan ni contains enough nutrition utk Miya grow healthy, so kalau dia makan sikit pun still mencukupi utk dia terus sihat. Also now, I never miss giving her the Appeton infant drop. Hoping the multivitamine, lysine & whatever healthy stuff in there will help my darling daughter grow healthy and grow better appetite too.

*note- geram sgt, cik minah ni sibuk nak main & explore dunia sampai kurang makan. She used to swallow the whole tub of food..now nak habiskan satu tub tu sejam..

Jan 14, 2009

miya food critique (yummy mama masak)

Jan 10, 2009

miya's fav--Makka Pakka´s Song (^.^)

Jan 9, 2009

Peek a Boo B Nursing Cover

Baby Crawling 2 (of 2)

Baby Crawling 1 (of 2)

Jan 6, 2009

Lain tempat lain undang2nya, Msia bagaimana?

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Jan 5, 2009

Baby Burger for miya- intro of beef into miya's diet

smlm i made beef patties & made mini burger for miya, while the adults had large burger..bigger than old timer at chilis.

so hows the recipe for baby burger.

to make the patties, i mix:

1) 100-200gram mince meat yg kurang lemak (cari kat tesco or carrefour yg byk merah2 & kurang putih2)
2) 3sudu oats
3) 1 helai daun kobis panjang (hiris nipis)
4) 1 garlic (cincang halus)
5) 1 sudu oil

gaul hingga sebati. then bentukkan patties size cam begedel. then on non stick pan, masak la cam kita masak burger biasa tu.

tips utk elakkan ade parts yg terlalu garing & anak boleh choke, cover pan tu time masak..so dia cam stim burger tu.

so to serve, i cut pieces of bread ikut size burger td. di peringatkan, utk anak yg allergic to wheat, gluten & also yg ade CMPA jgn bg roti. just serve the burger gitu aje. as for miya she is ok with bread. ...and so last night she had her 1st BEEF BURGER!!!..suka giler minah tu.

then ade leftover patties smlm, i buat 2-3bijik burger tu. so i kept it frozen. so for lunch today, i heat it up with mash potato. then i mash both of them together..and add a bit pasta..so for lunch, miya had mince beef with mash potato & pasta....yummy!!

Jan 4, 2009

Miya is 8mo & haven't started crawling? or will miya learn to walk before crawl?

I have always been proud of my darling daughter's developments.

At 2 weeks old, she gave me her 1st smile.
At 4 weeks old, she manage to hold her head up for a few seconds when i lay her on her tummy.
At around 3 months, she gave her 1st laugh in her sleep. (huk aloh, anak aku ngigau gelak sorang2 tgh malam)
Also around the 3rd month, she started to sleep thru the night and only wakes up at 5am for milk.

then at 5months, she started to grab our finger & tried to stand up. She could even sit on her own without support!! How she did it? She hold on to something, climb up, then get into seating position and then sit up straight with all pride.
At 6months, she can climb on us effortlessly. She could understand the word sit down & stand up. She even tried to walk!! Imagine this, she took out finger to help her stand as a support and once she have manage to stand straight, she will try to walk & let go of our fingers.
and only around this time, she started to roll over.

At 7month, she only learned on the soldier/snake crawling move.If I lay her on her belly and scatter toys around her, she just flips to her back and scoots backward. Sometimes she just roll all over the place to get to her destination. And now she is 8month, i saw a white spot on her gum..hmm must be teething, not crawling. more interested to be climbing onto furniture & stand up. Make attempt to stand on her own without support. She often got into the crawling position, then thats it..either she climbs onto something or sit up.

How can I encourage her to crawl?

*ni menurun perangai papa miya la ni, jenis cepat bosan dgn benda2 normal ni. so nak skip grade all the time. so will miya learn to walk before crawl?

Jan 3, 2009

Tips For Traveling With Kids


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