Jan 27, 2010

Importance of Breastfeeding to the Mother

For the past centuries, there have been hundreds and thousands of research in rush to find alternatives to mother's breastmilk. It is only in this century, many research had reconfirm the importance of breastfeeding with data and facts backing the literature. Later being implements as a part of the health policy in WHO.

However, those research had only focused on assessing the breastmilk as the best nutrition source for an infant. Therefore opening rooms for research such as the recent finding by Dr Carlsen to open argument among parents, caregivers and paediatrician on if "breast is best".

What we are lacking of is actually of the whole picture....The benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and child. Breastfeeding is not just for the sole purpose of infant nutritional needs. Breastfeeding does give a positive impact to the mother/woman and maternal health too.

Let me share a short writing I found on the internet (forgive me for not citing it properly, lost the link):

Breastfeeding is a unique biological heritage potentially shared by women everywhere. The hormones of breastfeeding aid in the adjustment to mothering, in conservation of energy, and in subsequent nutrient recovery. Because the physiologic processes of breastfeeding are a normal part of the maturation of the female body, it is not surprising that breastfeeding seems to have the attributes of a preventive health measure for women: Breastfeeding is beneficial for women's health.

The sequelae of breastfeeding, and of having breastfed, are not minor: Breastfeeding, sometimes referred to as the final stage of labor, reduces the risk for (1) postpartum blood loss by increasing the rate of uterine contraction, (2) premenopausal breast cancer, and (3) ovarian cancer.

In addition to reducing the severity of anemia, breastfeeding may cause other changes that may help to protect mothers against bladder and other infections.

Also, epidemiologic studies seem to indicate that, despite the apparent bone loss that occurs in women during lactation, women who breastfeed may be at reduced risk for spinal and hip fracture after menopause. In addition to the direct health effects, breastfeeding seems to provide a sense of bonding, a sense of well-being, and an improved sense of self-esteem for many women.

These statements are considered controversial. This article explores several of these issues in a manner designed to aid in the understanding of why controversy surrounds breastfeeding research findings and, perhaps, why emotions or personal experiences may affect scientific interpretation in this field.

Nonetheless, from just looking at us breastfeeding mom, I think we can see a clear pattern of positive physiologic changes that lead to improved short-term and long-term health sequelae are emerging.

All families should be informed fully as to the positive preventive health effects of breastfeeding not only for infants but also for mothers, kan?

Women have many difficult choices to make; it behooves physicians to ensure that they receive all of the facts on which to base these decisions. If there is no support to breastfeed, especially from doctors and experts, a mother would easily succumb to just giving formula milk to their infant.

So, rugi aje the mother sendiri tak dapat nikmati the benefit of breastfeeding tu.

I feel like writing more on this, but I do need to do some further reading. If you mommies out there have something to share too, drop a comment. ;)


lin muhamad said...

true...1 perkara yg merugikan kalau tak cuba langsung untuk menyusukan anak...

lin muhamad last post..#NOW EVERYONE CAN COOK..no more excuse k!

nieda said...

betul tu breastfeeding mmg bagus, sebelum pregnant i siap pergi kelas asas penyusuan to get more knowledge. Dan i sangat2 percaya baby yang breastfeed kurang sakit. Kalau sakit pun cepat recover.

Hanz said...

Caiyok! Breastfeeding Mom rocks the world!!

yatie chomeyl said...

to fully BF is not easy but all moms want 2 give the best to their child and I truly believe breastfeeding our child is one of the best thing that we could give to our baby :)

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

i think some of u might miss my point. here i tgh pikir benefit BF to the mother's psychological, emotional & health..bukan utk anak...utk si emak.

kita ni dok pikir pasal anak aje, lupa apa yg kita moms dpt.

Dayah said...

I only know that I can slim down fast by BFing..heheh..yang tu significant achievement setakat ni..yang lain2 tu mungkin ada tapi tak perasan sgt...

BTW, thks for the info Mamam-Miya..

unlisted_one said...

Mama-Miya, thanks for visiting my blog, nanti sudi2 dtg lagi ya!

BF ni boleh cepatkan mommies utk dpt balik berat bdn asal..hehe.

ibuaiman said...

salam perkenalan mama miya, terima kasih kerana sudi melawat blog saya...antara kebaikan lain yang ibu dapat melalui breastfeeding yang pernah saya baca juga boleh mengurangkan risiko penyakit darah tinggi, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia dan sakit jantung kepada ibu yang menyusukan lebih daripada setahun berbanding dengan mereka yang pernah mengandung tetapi tidak menyusukan anak(sumber daripada medscape)...

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