Dec 31, 2009

Appreciate the Years Come & Go....

Dec 30, 2009

Gambar Holiday Yang Almost Basi

More of what we saw:

Dec 29, 2009

Brushing Teeth Battle No More!!

Brushing teeth has always been a battle between Mama & Miya. Mama cuci pakai kain, Miya gigit jari Mama...Ouch..Mama bring the brush to her mouth, Miya shut tight...Hish, geram geram geram...

But since now dia dah ada 4 gigi garham, Mama know its about time Mama take matters into her own hands. Mama need to win this war.

So what Mama did?Mama bought an electric tooth brush with soft nylon bristle.

By using plain water (since Mama can't find any toothpaste safe for kids below 2 & since miya tak reti meludah lagi.... thank god aussie water filled with flouride), gently brush the teeth on both the outside and inside surfaces. Then brush the tongue.

Nak tau apa reaction Miya?

Dia gelak tak berhenti. So now suddenly, brushing time is a FUN time for her. YAY!

Now slalu aje Miya sibuk-sibuk masuk bilik air & ajak Mama brush her teeth.

Dec 28, 2009

xmas? happy holiday!

Dec 23, 2009

Tip for Mommies Under Stress?

I recommend the following 8 non-traditional self care tips to help mom's maintain motivation sanity:

Ponder- Think about what you want and where you are. What's the reality of your situation? If you have 2 children and you and your husband both work outside the home than you're going to need to be patient and creative with the expectations of yourself, your family and what you want to achieve. Practice the reality check, acceptance and future planning.

Prioritize - Make yourself a priority. Talk about your desires (of course not incessantly) but when it's naturally reasonable. For example, depending on how old your child is you can make it into a fun conversation: Mommy's so excited that she'll be working on writing her book for 30 minutes. High five to mommy for going after her dreams!" Practice speaking and thinking of your self as separate from yet inter-connected with your children and husband.

Plan - create a flexible schedule. Bear in mind what you pondered on and get out your calendar and write out what you think can happen. Remember, being able to adjust is essential. Practice organizing your life.

Pleasure - I mean take genuine pleasure in whatever time you do get and whatever you manage to get done. Don't fret if your hour session ends up being 30 minutes. Don't pout if you didn't get all the time you wanted this week. There's always next week. Talk about how pleased you are with your progress. No matter how big or small, all of your progress has value. Practice feeling good.

Provoke - Be a little aggressive with yourself. Instead of feeling guilty and torn for even thinking about taking 10 minutes for yourself, demand of yourself what you'd most likely recommend to a good friend in a similar situation. Practice standing up to yourself.

Please - Please yourself in small bites. Take a 5 or 10 minute break. Train your children to respect mommy time. Tell them this is mommy's break time and that you get 10 uninterrupted minutes to do what you need to do. Eventually, possibly with some resistance, your family will learn to respect you for declaring yourself as valuable. Practice teaching respect.

Play - Do something playful and fun with your kids and husband. When we stop playing it makes our minds atrophy. Doing something in the spirit of spontaneity and fun strengthens our connections and re-fuels our love tank. Practice reconnecting through play.

Publicize - Share. Yes, share your accomplishments with your kidlets and hubby. Leave some space on the front of the fridge for public display of your achievements. Practice announcing your accomplishments.

The bottom line is that staying motivated can be a real challenge, but moms have to get in the drivers seat on this. Your kids won't naturally identify you as having a life separate from them. So, that leaves the responsibility on your shoulders to create the kind of environment that shows your family that when mommy practices great self care the family gets the benefit of right quality results!


Clean & Healthy Home?

i disagree on the bleach & water on kid's toy. i prefer giving the toys a soak in warm salt water.

totally agree on the kitchen sponge!!

yg keyboard & mouse tu tokleh nak tolong aa....that's why I keep wet wipes near....very handy.....

Dec 22, 2009

Miya's 1st Aussie Roadtrip-Part 3

Dec 21, 2009

Miya's 1st Aussie Roadtrip-Part 2

Dec 20, 2009

Miya's 1st Aussie Roadtrip-Part 1

Dec 19, 2009

Miya & Honey!!

Dec 18, 2009

Dont talk about..Lets talk about....

I wanna be a cool, stylish & sexy mommy like Gwen Stefani!!

this song slalu cheer me up since i anak dara dulu.

Dec 16, 2009

Mommies Indulge?

me likey!!

Mommies vs Stress

In my head...I try to think about rainbows, when it gets bad.You got to think about something, to keep from going mad...I try to think about big fat roses, when the ship starts going down...

or another thing we can do is read this doa...

-TQVM lady qay for the tips & reminder, ini lah gunanye kawan.

Give Thanks, not Thanks Giving :D

Dec 15, 2009


the grass is always greener on the other side?

pic by mama-miya @ adelaide botanical garden.

Dec 14, 2009

Miya Masih Lagi Bz...

Miya bz bagi wallaby, kangaroo, llama & emu makan..Maklum la, now is holiday season. Penjaga diorang cuti balik kampung for Xmas.

Dec 8, 2009

Something that cheers miya up!!

Miya Masih Bz...

Dec 7, 2009

Miya Big Girl la Mama!

Acting like a Big Girl to be A BIG GIRL...Mug kita yg dia nak, sippy cup dia bolayan..

Then apa jadi?

Dec 4, 2009

Funny conversation with Mom?

The phone rings. The Greek Mother picks it up and the following conversation ensues.

Greek Mother: Hello?
Daughter: Hi Mum. Can you look after the children for me tonight?

Greek Mother: Are you going out?
Daughter: Yes.

Greek Mother: Who with?
Daughter: A friend.

Greek Mother: I just can't understand why you left your husband. Such a nice boy!
Daughter: I didn't leave him, he left me!

Greek Mother: You let him leave you, and now you go out with just anyone.
Daughter: I don't go out with just anyone. Can I bring the kids round?

Greek Mother: I never left you to go out with anyone but your father.
Daughter: Yes, but you did lots of things I don't.

Greek Mother: Now what are you hinting at?
Daughter: Nothing. I just want to know if you can look after the kids tonight.

Greek Mother: Are you going to spend the night with him? What will you husband say when he finds out?

Daughter: You mean my ex-husband! I don't think he'll be bothered, I doubt he's slept alone since he left!

Greek Mother: So you're going to sleep over at this loser's house?
Daughter: He's not a loser.

Greek Mother: Any man who goes out with a divorced woman with children is a loser and a parasite.
Daughter: Look, I'm not going to discuss it. Can I bring the kids over or not?

Greek Mother: Poor children, with a mother like that...
Daughter: What do you mean, a mother like that?

Greek Mother: With no stability... Huh, that's why your husband left you...
Daughter: Can you hear yourself? You're impossible! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Greek Mother: Don't you shout at me! I bet that's how you shout at that loser, too!
Daughter: Oh, so now you're worried about the loser?

Greek Mother: Aha, you see, you admit he's a loser. I knew it!
Daughter: I'm hanging up, Mum.

Greek Mother: Hold on love! Don't hang up! What time are you bringing the children round?
Daughter: I'm not bringing them round and I'm not going out, the way you've been driving me round the bend!

Greek Mother: But love, if you never go out, how are you going to meet a nice young man?


lunch picnic @ carlton garden

Dec 3, 2009

Miya Bz Jadi Tour Guide

Miya very busy now. Miya kena layan tetamu. Atuk, Nenek, Uncle & Maksu datang visit Miya.

Nov 26, 2009

AidilAdha 2009!!

Papa & Miya got same taste eh?

Papa Miya suka yg ni...

Miya suka yg ni..

Nov 25, 2009

Dry and Peeling Skin?

Bukan nak buat chemical peeling la. Talking about my skin yg akan face drying up and peeling each time berubah musim.

So what do I use?

2) moisturise...

3) protect...(this one is extra important for summer time)

This is what works for me.

Once dah ok, I can go back to my usual skincare stuff.

How about you? Ever faced this problem? What's your solution?

Nov 24, 2009

Salt & Your Laundry

Salt is a super stain remover on clothing, helps maintain bright colors, and can even eliminate sticky spots on your iron. It can also reduce yellowing in clothes and mildew on shower curtains.

Please note: None of these tips should be tried with dry-clean-only fabrics.

So there is no need to be spending a lot on stain remover? Woo hoo!

edited-additional info:

Color Bleeding: Add 1/2 cup of salt to the wash cycle to prevent new colored fabrics from running.

Curtains and Rugs: The colors of washable curtains or fiber rugs can be brightened by washing them in a saltwater solution.

Brighten faded rugs with a brisk rub using a cloth dampened with a strong saltwater solution.

Yellowing: Boil yellowed cotton or linen fabrics in a mixture of water, 1 tablespoon salt, and 1/4 cup baking soda. Soak the fabric for 1 hour.

Blood: Soak a blood stain on cotton, linen, or other natural fiber in cold saltwater for 1 hour. Wash using warm water and laundry soap, then boil the fabric in a large kettle of boiling water. Wash again.

How Salt Can Solve Perspiration Problems: Don't sweat it. Those yellow stains in the armpits and around the collar of your favorite white T-shirts aren't a sign that you're sweating too much or not cleaning properly.

These areas are just harder to get clean and are made up of more than just old perspiration and dirt.

Undissolved deodorants may be a culprit, too. If you have hard water, the deodorant residue (and soap and perspiration) can't wash out properly. Here is a method for removing those sweat stains.

Mix 1 quart water with 4 tablespoons salt. Sponge this mixture onto the stained area, then repeat until the stain disappears. Wash as usual.

A fresh blood stain: should disappear easily if it is immediately covered with salt and blotted with cold water. Keep adding fresh water and blotting until the stain is gone.

Gravy: Try covering a fresh gravy stain with salt and letting it absorb as much of the grease as possible. A stubborn stain may need a 50/50 solution of ammonia and vinegar dabbed on and blotted until the stain disappears.

Grease: Remove a fresh grease spot on the fabric by covering it with salt. Wait for the salt to absorb the grease, then gently brush the salt away. Repeat until the spot is gone, then launder as usual.

Double-knit fabrics can be a stain challenge when it comes to grease. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt to a small dish of ammonia, and dab the mixture directly onto the grease spot. Let sit, then wash as usual.

Ink: Rub salt onto a fresh ink stain on fabric, and soak the fabric overnight in milk. Wash the fabric as usual.

Mildew: Make a thin paste of lemon juice and salt, then spread the paste on mildew stains. Lay the clothing item out in the sun to bleach it, then rinse and dry.
A mixture of salt, vinegar, and water should remove mildew stains on most fabrics. Use up to full-strength vinegar if mildew is extensive.

Prevent mildew growth on shower curtains by soaking them in a bathtub full of saltwater (½ cup salt into the tub). Soak the curtains for several hours, then hang them to dry.

As you've seen, salt can be a vital asset in the list of laundry ingredients. See what salt can do for you.

Nov 23, 2009

Potty Train- Journey Begins (part 1)

After reading a few guides, books & potty training article; I did the potty training quiz. The result says:

"Bring on the potty chair!
Congratulations: Your child is ready to begin toilet training. She is emotionally, physically and cognitively ready to take on this exciting new challenge. Here are some signs that indicate she's raring to go:

She understands the need to "go" and can communicate this to you before she actually goes.

She has nighttime control over her bowel movements.

She demonstrates imitative behavior.

She dislikes wet or dirty diapers.

She is able to stay dry for at least two hours or wakes up dry after a nap.

She is able to pull elastic waist pants up and down."

We're gonna pick up a potty soon.

But for now what I'm doing:

1) In the morning, I demo to her on me sit on the toilet & pee. Then I just put her on the loo & try to get her to pee. (I know its a bit tak senonoh, but I just feel that its important for me to demo it. I did also show her some video on youtube of other kids on the potty).

2) After Miya poop in nappy, I showed to her that poop belongs in the toilet bowl & kena flush. So we scoot the poop into the bowl & I let her flush. Miya geli each time dia tgk poop tu. So its a good sign that she knows its dirty & shouldn't be in the nappy.

3) Each time Miya pee or poop, I akan tegur dia. So dia tau that she just did it. (I read biasa anak lambat potty train sebab dia tak sedar yg dia poop or pee).

For now, I'm just doing these. So that dia faham function toilet tu. This is our STAGE 1.

But 1 thing for sure, I will not put pressure on this process. We will deal with it as long as it takes, so that Mama tak stress & Miya tak frustrate on why mama dia stress..hahahhaha..STAGE 2 will only start after Miya paham function potty as tempat pee & poop.

Later when we have pick a potty, I'll give an update on the next stage.

facts about tantrum

when they scream, just tell yourself...ITS JUST A PHASE...JUST A PHASE..SABAR...

click image to enlarge

kalau miya tantrum, dia at times throw her book & toys. then dia kata "hook ooo..oh no". then dia merajuk ala2 heroin filem p.ramlee.

There are times I just buat bodo until she hush, then baru I pujuk & explain that such behavior is a huge NO-NO.

But time hati lemah tu, mmg la I pujuk and even reward her...I know rewarding when kids having tantrum is a huge parenting mistake. Apa boleh buat, hati ibu ini lemah and at time kesabaran pun ada limit.

more info also at and

-edited additional info: if u have kids with tantrum yg menakutkan u as a mom, cam refer to blog stephanie-ryan's mom

Nov 22, 2009

Helping your infant roll over

I found this video on youtube. Boleh help moms yg worry about anak lambat roll over.

Teknik ni, me & my MIL did on Miya once leher dia dah kuat. Not just utk tolong anak reti roll over, but also as senaman.

Nov 20, 2009

We are the keepers of our children..

"Keepers of our children" is a parenting concept practised by the Native American. They don't believe in punishing their children as they think it will only do more harm to the child's body and soul.

So what do they do? They improve themselves as the parents. They use reasoning in teaching the do's & don'ts.

The best part is, they teach the kids on their value, function and purpose of our existence in this world. They believed that these are the tools in teaching their child on how to gain genuine happiness.

It is similar to the Islamic way in raising kids, isn't it?

Kita parents should always improve ourselves because we believe in leadership by example and for one to understand Islam is for one to understand one's purpose in life. With this, one can be at ease with oneself and learn true happiness.

Here's some video's I found on youtube on parenting:

1)know the effect of your parenting?

2)raising your kids without raising your voice?
boundaries? reasoning? proactive problem solving?

3)manners? discipline? your kids beating or biting at school? yes we are the one's responsible.

what's your parenting style?

Cerita Masakan

click pics to enlarge & bukalah selera anda....

Nov 19, 2009

Savvy Mommy- Detox Diet is a No-No!

Yesterday I watched "What's Good for You" and among topics being discussed was detox dieting.

5days detox diet plan, juicing, eating salad, diet juice/detox supplement and will lose 4-5kg.

Yes ladies, that much.

Then, the people who participated in the diet went for a lab test for blood, fat, cholesterol & many more.

The result:

1) liver shows abnormal activity. if the diet continues, damage can be done.
2) all of the good cholesterol (not just the bad one) in blood has been flushed out.
3) darah cair & kurang nutri.
4) the weight yg hilang tu hanya water weight & muscle kecut. if u ever gain weight after that, it will be fat. nanti lagi susah nak shed off the extra kilos.

I baru aje ingat nak buat detox for body, konon nak bersih2 kan apa patut. Now tak jadi la. Ikut cara rasulullah, everything in moderation.

edit- add info: they also said, the supplement juice product that they were taking to detox is actually full with toxin. so bila badan sedar ada toxin masuk, tu yg badan bekerja keras utk singkirkan toxin.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor am I a lawyer. I am not a scientist nor am I an expert. I am just a wife and a mother, who is putting her thoughts and findings in a blog. All of the posting on this website & my blogs were written by me for educational purposes and as my sentimental library, but are not meant to diagnose nor treat any medical disorders. Any other materials that I may have quote from other published materials are for educational purposes only and not for any other manipulative reasons. Anyway, whatever weird stuff that I published are the real stuff that I believe works for me. Tips and tricks that might work for me. You are free to put it in your head if you thinks its valuable, but if you think its rubbish... Please don't mock me. Do please shut your pie hole.
FUCK YOU UP!!! son of a bitch