Nov 29, 2010

Healthy Weight Gain During Preggy

Being pregnant would mean you will have to face the inevitable weight gain. It can be ok for some of us, but it can also be a horror to most of us, maklumlah we ladies ni sensitive skit bab tembam-bam-bum.

When I first got pregnant with Miya, my average weight was about 39-41kg. But by the end of the 1st trimester, my weight dropped to 36kg due to super bad morning sickness.. Memang rupa super skinny tak macam orang preggy pun. Alhamdulillah by the end of that pregnancy, my weight manage to reach up to 48kg (pretty happy about this coz I have never ever ever reach such weight in my life. this is indeed a new record for me) and within the week after birth, berat turun down to 44kg. Then in no time, thanks to breastfeeding, I got my normal weight back (eventho I still makan macam orang bela hantu).

For this 2nd pregnancy, I am not sure on how much I weigh during early pregnancy, but by the end of 1st trimester (after ramadhan yang I berjaya puasa penuh sebulan) my weight was only 38kg. Later, a week after I jump on the scale, my mama came to visit & stayed for almost 2months........ and when she left, I weigh myself again. To my surprise, I've gained 8kg. Fuiyoo!! Kagum kan? I guess hati I happy with my mama around (Bukan I sorang aje naik berat ok. Miya pun gained almost 2kg. Huhuhuhu.....)

Anyway, what concerns me now is how much is a healthy weight gain during pregnancy? Now bila I see myself in the mirror, I see this fluffy tembam woman. I feel fat!!

Tapikan.... when I asked the midwife, doctor and people around me, none said I'm fat. They said I look pretty healthy & fit for a preggo. Erk? Ye ke?

With me feeling all "fluffy" on every part of my body, I'm worried on:
  1. what if the baby is too big and might cause complication to petite me? or
  2. what if I go big and cause complication for the baby?
  3. what if it will be hard for me to get my body back after baby? HORROR!!

So I did my research and found this video:

Then I found this cool tool called Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator at and found that the healthy weight for me to gain during pregnancy is within 11.3 kgs - 15.9 kgs.

Fuisssh, lega......

How's you experience on pregnancy weight gain?

Nov 26, 2010

30months Miya & 26weeks Adik.

Nov 24, 2010

Mommies Discussion On Discipline

I'm now watching Dr Phil. They are having this mommies debating about spanking & yelling at kids when they really misbehave in public. It is a very subjective matter kan? So just wondering what do u ladies think about this:

1) Its ok to yell to your kids in public when they misbehave?
2) Its ok to spank/cubit/debik to your kids in public when they misbehave?

Don't you think if you yell, the kid will yell back at you louder... How embarrassing is that?

As for spanking, here in Australia ada Anti-smacking law. I've never really seen it in action, except this one case where the mom kena lockup sebab tampar anak dara dia age 16 yg kantoi mabuk). So, I have always been very careful; takut-takut ter-debik or cubit Miya & someone report me to the police. Tapi kan.... semalam kat hospital (during my routine preggy check-up), ada budak baya Miya kena debik dgn mak dia sebab sibuk main dgn water cooler. The kid mmg annoying to us around coz mengacau org nak minum & then bikin sepah-sepah. Eventhough ramai buat muka terkejut bila budak tu kena debik, I know it is not just me who have this feeling dalam hati kata "haa padan muka. tak dengar kata lagi". Miya lak bz bodi dok kata kat I "haa haa....mama dia mayah". So I reply "Mmglah mama dia marah, dia tak nak dengar kata. Miya nak kena marah depan orang camtu?" Miya dgn mula panic kata "Noi". Syukur anak aku well behaved in public.

Then later the midwife and the pathology nurses pun puji Miya kata she is well behaved. I yg tersipu-sipu ni pun kata "She might be good in public, wish you can see how she is at home". To my surprise, the pathology nurse said something that really make sense to me. She said "Oh, that is what you would want, love. You can't have everything and do be thankful with what you have". Betul gak kan? Kalau kat rumah tu, kita bleh lg control keadaan. Kalu in public ni mmg payah aaa..

Anyway, back on topic. From those 2 points in question, Dr Phil tanya if mommies sedar yg anak-anak zaman sekarang ni banyak rude. Studies show that 98% of kids nowadays are rude. They are rude and that is why they misbehave (especially in public with an audience). Dr Phil believed that anak-anak ni rude sebab kita parents ni yg allow them to grow rude. Starts from kita melayan tantrum toddler until lah dia masuk the teenage rebellious stage. Do we let them get away with little misbehave and later it grow berulat? Or kita manjakan or spoil-kan anak?What do you think of this fact?

What would you do supaya anak kita ni tak terjebak dlm percentage 98% ini?

Nov 19, 2010

Our 5th Year!!

Nov 18, 2010

I found my new best buddy!!

This entry is a sambungan from my previous post on caffeine & pregnancy and I proudly declare that I've found my new best buddy (buddy during preggy aje kot)... Nescafe Blend 43 Decaf.

Amazingly, the taste is not like diluted coffee and it has great aroma. Bila minum memang rasa cam aromatic coffee biasa/expresso, but the after effect tu takde lah cam lepas minum the usual strong coffee (segar).

However, it does give that usual coffee comfort I seek.

These are the little things you should give thanks to Allah..... Nikmat......

Nov 17, 2010

Miya tekun checking out SALE!!

Toys on sale lah Mama....Miya macam minat yang ini, itu dan itu.....tu juga....

Nov 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak!!

Nov 12, 2010

A coffeeholic giving up caffeine during pregnancy?

Nope, not for me. I simply can’t. Nanti sakit kepala lah, mengantuk lah, takde semangat lah and a bit rasa tak puas.

If I forego coffee, I would still want some green tea. There are times I crave for a nice lemon tea and then there are times mulut rasa tak best and having cola would do wonders. Most of all, I can’t say no to chocolates!

Do you have the same problem as me? Are you aware of caffeine existence in our drink/food?

Here’s some quick fact about caffeine in our drinks & food:
  • 1 mug of instant: 100mg
  • 1 cup of instant coffee: 75mg
  • 1 cup of brewed coffee & expresso: 100mg to 350mg, depending on beans and how it is made 1 mug of tea: 75mg
  • 1 mug of teh O: 45mg
  • 1mug of teh susu: 15mg
  • 1mug of green tea: 20mg
  • 1 can of cola: 40mg
  • 1 can of energy drink: 80mg
  • 50g plain chocolate: 50mg
  • 50g of milk chocolate: 25mg
It’s pretty hard to completely skip caffeine, isn’t it? Well, you don't have to give up caffeine, but you may want to cut down. According to the Australian Government, department of Health & Aging, it is recommend that pregnant women have no more than 200mg of caffeine a day. There are also many experts recommend limiting intake to no more than 300 mg per day.

I guess this intake does depend on your body and resistance.

Anyhow, we should also keep in mind on how caffeine is still potentially dengeraous substance during pregnancy. Caffeine readily crosses the placenta (which develops at the end of the first trimester) and can affect fetal heart rate and breathing. It can also increase the risk of miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome and low birth weight, according to the American Dietetic Association (ADA 2002), and very high doses may result in congenital anomalies or birth defects (Browne 2006). It is especially important to limit caffeine during the first trimester, when the baby’s organs are developing and the risk of miscarriage is highest.

I was pretty lucky that during the first trimester of both pregnancies, my hormones are helping me to cut down on my coffee. Mulut rasa very the cipan to coffee and almost all hot drinks. I ended up drinking quite a lot of warm barley drink... Yummeh.....

But as the morning sickness goes away, I started to crave for coffee once again. So I did the most sappy/no-spine thing a coffeeholic can do..... CONVERT TO DECAF!!

Decaf has only 5 mg of caffeine in it per 8 oz serving, compared to nearly 20 times that in a regular cup! Isnt it wonderful for a preggy coffeeholic?

Yet, things are not that simple. Ada cara jugak dalam memilih decaf ni. I came to know that that decaf can actually be worse for you than regular coffee because there are so many toxins & chemicals involved in the process that makes the coffee "decaffeinated".

The two major methods for decaffeinating coffee are called "direct" and "indirect". Using the direct method, the green, unroasted beans are steamed immediately before they're treated with a chemical solvent to extract the caffeine. This normally takes roughly 10 hours. After the beans are tested to verify the caffeine levels match the specifications, they're steamed again both to rinse the beans and to help the solvent to evaporate. In order to dry, companies use either vacuum or air dryers.

The indirect method treats the caffeine-removing agent with a solution that contains caffeine. Companies soak the beans in water that is kept just under the boiling point until the caffeine is extracted. When the beans are ready, the water is removed in order for the caffeine to be extracted. Then, other chemicals are mixed into the water before the beans once again are left to soak. The beans need this time to soak in order to reabsorb any lost chemicals and flavor lost during the caffeine extraction process.

If you are particular about this whole chemical thingy, make sure you select the right brand/type of decaf.

Well this is my simple solution to such addiction and it works for me. Yang penting, I will doa for Allah's protection for the child in my womb...and me too.

So do you have caffeine addiction too? How to do cope with it?

Nov 11, 2010

Simple Exercises for Preggy Me

When I was preggy with Miya, I had all the time in the world to do pre-natal yoga. But this time around I'm pretty occupied with mommy's duty, studies & entertaining Miya. Alhamdulillah now dengan ada internet, I found some simple exercise for preggy mommy that doesn't require so much time as yoga.

Blooming Beautifully My Princess Blooming Flower

Nov 9, 2010

Save $$ on Maternity Clothing

In the early 2nd trimester, I've eliminated about 5 of my size 0 pants+jeans from my wardrobe.

Today I've eliminated 8pants+jeans (size M) & 1 skirt (size M) from my wardrobe.

Arrgh... kena go shop lagi ke? Malas lah..... Terasa cam wasting aje...

Was thinking of investing some $$ on buying belly belt , but the actual problem is not just tak boleh zip up or butang, tak boleh sarung lepas peha & montot. Ouch... me gone big at the bottom. Erk!!

Most of my baju, I can still fit coz they are all lycra or stretchy cotton, but very the sarung nagka one. So I have to wear them with a dress on top or a vest sweater.

Now... that got me wondering, how can I still have something sane to wear without having to waste $$ in buying maternity (we all know it can be expensive & pakai time preggy aje, not a good investment for me who doesn't plan to branak yearly). So...... I've come up with these ideas:

1) Invest on sane sweat pants (rupa senonoh lah, tak cam sluar PJ budak sekolah), leggings, tights, baggy pantz (ala aladin/mc hammer) or stretchie jeans. For muslimah bertudung, I would suggest to buy a few size larger than your usual size (so tak nampak bentuk kaki sgt).

2) Invest on bohemian skirts with pinggang getah or pull string. So boleh pakai time moncit & ramping.

3) Invest on baju inner nipis & baby doll dress. These inners pun boleh pakai dgn those fashionable baggy singlets. Its best to have baju luar tu a bit labuh, so that baju tak terjungkit & show the lower part of ur tummy. With this u can save $$ from having to buy a 'bella band'.

4) If you are a jubah person, invest on jubah. When I was preggy with Miya, during 3rd trimester I wore jubah to work (kemas & comfy), borrowed mostly from my mom. Mujur dia ada byk jubah stylo & bling bling. Also you can invest on bohemian dress. Ni boleh pakai time preggy & after baby too.

I believe, dengan cara ni we can save loads of $$ & most of these clothes can still be worn after the baby kan?

Hmm.. now I know on what to shop after this. InsyaAllah takkan membazir, so more $$ saved for the new baby.

Care to share you tips on this?

Nov 4, 2010

Gross & Disgusting Pregnancy Facts (That you don't share openly with your girlfriend)

Gross & Disgusting Pregnancy Stuff That We Are Not Proud Of & Wish They Would Go Away Soon:

  1. Bitchiness
  2. Wek wek...
  3. Food becomes an obsession (kekadang rasa cam oink oink aje)
  4. Vaginal Discharge, tiba-tiba rasa empangan pecah
  5. Constipation (menyebabkan menyampah & rasa stress cam nak lempang orang)
  6. Haemorrhoids (tamau citerlah betapa uncomfynya situasi ni)
  7. Varicose veins, nampak urat-urat timbul merata-rata (geli/seriau pun ada)
  8. Nosebleed (I slalu kena, Miya cam trauma aje tengok)
  9. Bleeding gum (Ni pun I slalu kena, Miya cam trauma aje tengok)
  10. Gas!! (tamau cerita sangatlah, but we ladies yang pernah preggy ni tau-tau aje la kan)
  11. Hair Growth (bulu-bulu lebat-lebat, eh bukan I br lepas trim ke?)
  12. Extra saliva (takdelah sampai bersembur bila bercakap, but kena rajin telan airliur..menyampah)
  13. Hyper-pigmentation on face or neck (this is my horror story... tiba-tiba muka ala-ala anak matsalleh yang banyak freckles)
  14. Pimple (I got those jerawat kecik-kecik yang kejap ada kejap takde)
  15. Leaky colostrums (make sure pakai padded bra)
  16. Itchy nipple (kalau kena kat public area, camne nak mengaru tu)
  17. Frequent potty break (annoying)
  18. Cry over everything (iklan sayu pun bleh nangis)
  19. Laziness (takde la malas sangat, but rasa letih & berat montot aje)
  20. Bitchiness (he hehe hee heheeee)
  21. Nothing much is comfortable, unless you are naked
  22. Dreams, weird ones (bangun tido tu mesti terasa cam apa la karut sgt mimpi aku ni)
  23. Headache & migraines (takde angin, takde hujan, takde rebut....tiba-tiba ada sakit kepala)
  24. Vomiting while brushing teeth (salah toothpaste kah?)
  25. Pee when you sneeze combo (untunglah company jual panty liner)
  26. Rashes naik sporadically merata-rata tak pasal-pasal.
  27. Sakit belakang & sengal kat pangkal 'poonanny'. (makin us buat macam-macam weird stuff nak elak or kurangkan sakit tu)
  28. And more bitchiness....

Hmm... anything you ladies care to add that I might have missed....

Nov 3, 2010

Stroller? This is the cheapest Triple Stroller!!

Mama mengidam nak ada double stroller. But its expensive & bulky...

Senyap-senyap Miya invented tripple stroller at no cost.

I wish things can be that simple sayang...

Nov 2, 2010

Miya's 2nd Haircut!!

Harini Mama Miya tiba-tiba jealous dengan rambut Miya yang panjang beralun lagi halus ni.
Tak pasal-pasal dia kata "Ish..Miya ni serabai lah. Nak trim lah rambut Miya tu".
Miya rasa rambut Miya ok aje, tapi Mama dah jealous kat Miya ni. So, Miya relakan ajelah Mama potong rambut Miya sampai dia rasa puas hati.

Dari rambut Miya yang cantik sebegini...

Jadinya kontot sebegini.....

Tapi bila belek-belek depan cermin tu kan Auntie-auntie, Miya rasa Miya Gorgeous aje in this modern chic hairstyle, kan kan kan?

Agak-agak Mama puas hati tak ni? Kalau tak puas hati, naya lah Miya. Nanti dia potong pulak sampai botak.

Nov 1, 2010

Sayang Tokma to Mama & Miya

Kehebatan kasih ibu... Sebulan lebih Tokma stayed with us. Berat menjadi-jadi naiknya.

Weight on 11/9/2010-38kg.
Weight on 30/10/2010-46kg.

Weight on 11/9/2010- 11kg.
Weight on 30/10/2010- 12.5kg.

Missing you oledi lah Tokma!!

Counting days to Tokma's next flight coming to Melb in Dec 2010.


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