Jan 8, 2010

Breastmilk vs Formula Milk

A hot topic for Aussie news today:

Breastmilk no better than formula, says ProfessorSven Carlsen.

BREAST milk was no better for a baby than formula, a European pregnancy expert has said, claiming it made a child only slightly healthier.

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has reported that Norwegian professor Sven Carlsen this week said breast-fed babies were slightly healthier, but it was not the milk that made the difference.

Instead, he said, babies who were breast-fed had benefited from better conditions in the womb.

The professor, an expert in the hormonal changes of pregnancy, claimed: "Baby formula is as good as breast milk."

The bold statement is likely to reignite debate over whether "breast is best" and will possibly confuse mothers who are under pressure from Britain's Department of Health to feed their babies on breast milk alone for the first six months of life.

Britain's National Health Service leaflets tell mothers that breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months will help prevent obesity, eczema and ear, chest and tummy bugs.

Avoiding formula, they are told, will cut the odds of a child becoming a fussy eater, as well as cut the mother's odds of some cancers and help with weight loss.

Australia's Federal Government last year endorsed breast milk with a new strategy designed to increase community acceptance, establish breastfeeding support networks and improve training for health professionals.

In June last year, the Queensland Government also endorsed a pro-breastfeeding policy.

Prof Carlsen's claim came after he carried out a review of more than 50 studies into the relationship between health and breastfeeding.

Most concluded that the longer a child was nursed, the healthier it would be.

The professor said while this might be true, it was because of a healthier pregnancy.

His research shows that high levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in the womb affect a woman's ability to produce milk and to breastfeed.

With testosterone levels affected by the health of the placenta, which ferries oxygen and nutrients to the baby, the professor believes high amounts indicate poorer conditions in the womb overall.

This means any differences in the health of a baby bottle-fed because its mother finds breastfeeding difficult are set before birth, rather than afterwards.

But a spokeswoman for England's Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Charlotte Wright, said the claims were "irresponsible and overblown".

"Women should remember that we were not designed to be bottle-fed," she said.

"Formula is an artificial alternative."

So what do mommies out there think?

To me, if the mommy is healthy & is able to provide breastmilk, why don't they just give it a go. Breastmilk is filled with LIVING cells and active antibody. Its free and healthy. As for Formula milk will cost most parents around $50-100 a month with the best combination of nutrition in trying to imitate the breastmilk properties. Breastfeeding mom just need to buy a proper breastpump with all its storage bottle and cooling set (in which can be used for years), cost as low as $120 up to $400. Mommies should also remember the benefits breastfeeding gives to the mother. Its not just about the $$, it the health benefit. Your womb shrinks to its original size faster, lesser risk on cancer, and that special bond.

But if a mom not able to breastfeed, we have no rights to judge them. We could never be a good mom, if we judge people without hearing their side of the story.

Anyway Formula Milk is a good alternative, provided that it is from a reliable and safe source. I had my moments when I was not able to provide the sufficient amount of breastmilk to Miya, so I did gave her the occasional Formula Milk feed.

However moms should also remember that both type of milk does have their own cons.

For breastmilk, many studies have proven that toxic traces have been found in them. It comes from the mother's body that have been polluted by the "baddy" world today. Mommy's food and diet, mommy's cosmetics, mommy's clothes, mommy's medicine, detergent, pillows...and the list goes on. So mommy need to be smart and green to overcome this problem.

For formula milk, babies may have to go thru mind boggling, allergies and tummy aching series on the search for the most suitable formula. Sometimes babies just don't like the taste. Some babies can't even tolerate cow's milk base formula milk. Some mom's worry that soy base formula milk would give a negative impact on their baby boy's manly growth....and Goat's milk formula milk is just too expensive...

So...........I guess it depend on what's your cup of tea....what tickle your fancy...

As for me, I am happy with what I can provide for Miya. Miya is now 20months, still breastfeed, eating yummy homemade food and with a compliment of 225ml Pediasure Complete a day (additional nutri, if incase she is not getting enough).

Miya had 5+months fully breastfeed prior to complimentary breastfeed. Just happen to be that breastfeeding works for me.


Salwa said...

i sgt suka entry nih
eventho i sgt bz
i nak juga komen
entry yg tidakdipengaruhi kecenderungan untuk memihak ke arah salah satu pihak(bf/fm)
sgt berinfoprmasi dan memotivasi
please share this in susuibu.com and also innit uffnang so that many others will benefit from it.
good job dear!

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

tq for the comment salwa..sampai-sampaikan lah..i share apa yg ada dlm otak i ni aje.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

selagi termampu ai akan bf kan my nuha, eventho siang dier minum fm :(

mirah said...

yes good info.
anyway, kita mmg tak boleh blame moms yg cannot afford breastfeed their babies. I've a great 18months fully bf khadijah. Althuogh skrg dah mix dgn fm, tp still pump juga, bg lah apa yg ada then will top up dgn fm kt umah bs dia. At least, we've tried kan. Janganlah kejam sgt pula tak bagi susu langsung. Oh i cant deal with that...

yatie chomeyl said...

btul2x, semua mommy will do whatever it takes to provide the best for their child be it with FM or BM

Farah said...

slightly healthier means better la kan??

it is good enuff kalau baby tu plak jenis mudah jatuh sakit..for me,I still vote BM is better than FM.

Mila_ibu najihah said...

sy pn tak nak berpihak pada mana2 coz najiha da mimum soy milk after 6months full bf, like mama miya said,every mom got their own side of story. yg pentng stp parents akan bg yg terbaik tuk anak masing2.I love bf,will give more effort for next baby.

ILA HAFIZ said...

ila still bf izz even izz now is 2years 6mon. :)
suka sgt dpt bf kan izz kalau boleh sampai dia taknak. cuma izz dah minum growing milk di taska since dia 2 tahun sebulan sbb ila x dpt nak bg ebm secukupnya. Di rumah or jalan2 still fully bf .. :)

Lynn Nasir said...


lynn setuju ngan puan punya blog dan mila :)

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

salam singgah
iye betul
sy stuju
kos susu formula sebulan dah beratus2..
sy pernah cuba bagi my son fm..tapi dia alergi teruk. so sy kene cuba cari booster utk bykkan susu..
alhamdulillah susu dah ade kembali dan rasa raapat sgt2 dengan anak sy!

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