Mar 31, 2010

Cooking or Experiment Ni?

Dah lama tak citer pasal new recipes that I've tried out. Since we are far away, I just let u ladies enjoy the pictures (Muahahahhaha- Gelak jahat).

Teringin nak makan takoyaki, but susah nak cari yang yakin Halal in Melbourne. So try buat sendiri guna acuan kuih cara. Kreatip?

Try buat Thodai Ghee...Rindu breakfast kat Mamak.

Batang Buruk...buruk kah? Ni febret Miya..selambe dia hadap sebekas sambil tgk kartun.

Ketupat Daun Palas (tanpa daun, instant punye daaa) & serunding daging. Lenguh tangah mengacau serunding tu..

Kerabu kah ini?

Apple Strudel?

Sushi? Spicy Salmon? Ebi Furai?

Pizza? Jahat giler cheese dia........

Coffee cookie for Coffeeholic? Jangan OD sudah.

Aussie Scones? Ke cekodok bantat?

Nasi Goreng Kangkong....Jumpa kangkong murah kat Footscray Market..Beraya Kangkong daaa...

Ayam Bangang? Sajeje try masak ala ala Peri Peri Hot..

Mana satu yang you all paling suka?

Potty Train for Girls (Part 3)- Tips on stuff you need?

I'm just going to share on something that helps us in this journey; The Training Panty (No Disposable Training Pants) & Girly Dress.

1) Training Panty
It is actually almost like cloth diapering, just using pantz or girly panty. With this, anak senang nak buka when she wanna sit on the potty and also it makes her feel like a big girl coz no more wearing nappy. Moreover, if she pee onto the cloth padding, surely she will will the uncomfy wetness. It might be a suggestion to her that peeing in panty is not really a good idea.

1st option- Terry Pants with Cloth Padding (any cloth yang bagus serap liquid. I use micro fleece)

see..... eventho its towelled/padded, its not thick enough to be an aid when "accident" happens.

So, I add lipatan kain micro fleece to be the additional padding.

2nd option- Plastic panty(they have this in many colors & pattern tau..cantik & cheap) with Cloth Padding (again I use micro fleece)

Since it's plastic, it is important to have the padding so that kalo anak terkucil, the pee won't bertakung (risk kena infection lak) or meleleh keluar.

2) Girl Dress
During potty training period, it is easier to let our girls wear dress. So dia just angkat kain, lurutkan panty & sit on potty. So cepat la skit process dia. Sometimes kids suka aje tahan-tahan pee, last minute baru kata "pee" or "potty". Kalo bg pakai pants or overall, kita takut tak sempat buka pulak kan?

What's your trick? Share with us......

Mar 29, 2010

What Miya did during EARTH HOUR?

Kids just know on how to have fun..Envy them..........

Mar 26, 2010

Potty Train (Part 2)- Slow & Steady

Here's an update from Part 1 of Miya's Potty Training Journey. Ada a few times berjaya pee in potty, no poop yet. So she still wear nappy & training panty.

YAY to Miya!!

The thing about learning, I think its easier to remember or to catch up on the facts if we teach other about it.

Bertuah punye budak. Mama dok ajar dia potty, dia pi ajar Elmo lak.

Mar 25, 2010

Mama-Miya's Momtourage?

I’m a huge fan of “Sex & The City” and “Entourage”. Are you?

Both of the HBO tv series reflects the usual stuff of life such as career, social life, money, love (with mostly sex), religion, political incorrectness and best of all.............friendship.

They support each other through hard time. Eventhough they did become judgemental towards each other at times, in the end they are still there for their friend.

Do you know that feeling when your buddy is there to celebrate your happiness and also being a support during your hard times? It’s nice and comforting isn’t it?

When I became mom, I thought I am alone in this journey and everything on the planet is against me on becoming a good mom. I read motherhood books, babycare book and spend hours a day on the internet searching for answer for each question in my head.

Then I started blogging and joined online mommies forums......that’s where I found my support. I found new friends to share and support each other in many of our motherhood missions.

So this is MOMTOURAGE!!

Every woman needs a momtourage to support, help her get things done, and allow her to a SUPERMOM (that is the term I commonly use for moms who tries to be the best of what she can in order to be a good mom). We give each other opinion on babycare, health tips, educational stuff for kids, recipes, relationships, home business stuff, networking and many more. The list goes on and on and on (depends on one’s limit of knowledge, compassion and generosity).

Like the old saying, it takes a village to raise a child....and i guess in this modern world, it takes a momtourage to raise the kids. Anyway, motherhood is not as simple as how it used to be.

A mom needs a friend to flush out ugly meltdowns, have a laugh, gossip, advice (give&receive), to celebrate and also to compete. Moms need momtourage to help her keep her sanity.

I know I got so many momtourage out there....So if you think you’re my momtourage, say “Haaaay!!” I am definitely “Haaaay!!”-ing back at cha!!

Thank you my momtourage!! Kiss Kiss Hug Hug...

Mar 23, 2010

New info on Rotavirus Vaccine!!

The Food and Drug Administration recommended Monday that doctors temporarily stop using GlaxoSmithKline PLC's (GSK) Rotarix child vaccine after a virus was found in the product.

The agency said it needed to learn more about parts of an extraneous virus that was found in the vaccine. The FDA said there's currently no evidence of a safety risk associated with the vaccine.

"There is no evidence...that this poses any health risk," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a conference call with reporters. "We're simply asking that there be a pause in its use."

She also said Rotarix has a significant track record of being safe.

For more info, read here.

kinda weird.... if there is no risk, why would they advice for Doc to stop using it for a while, right?

Mar 22, 2010

Does your child suffer from NDD?

Does your child suffer from Nature-Deficit-Disorder (NDD) or has the potential to develop into NDD?

Not so long ago, I was running in the forest of Cameron Highlands with my cousins and friends, building our fortress and protecting our territory. We're the ruler of the forest. We hunt for fish, frogs and wild creatures. We eat wild berries. We had a whole load of FUN.

No worries....... only the adrenaline rush and the imagination of having absolute control of the world around me.

My exposure to nature begins at such an early age, as I was told that my parents took me mountain climbing at 2years old.

Ah.....Those were the days...those were the days...and now I'm a mom to a little girl, whom I wish to grow and have a wonderful childhood like mine.

Will she?

Our children are of the digital age generations. Due to many factors, they are deprived from having a proper exposure to the nature. So they are at risk to develop NDD, right?

Nature Deficit Disorder is a term that refers to a child being unconnected with nature. Richard Louv described in his book, that a child's lack of outdoor experiences can lead to physical and mental ailments. While Richard Louv is not the first person to address concern over the minimal amount of time that youths spend outdoors, he is the first person to assign a term that describes the problem.

Richard Louv wrote in his book that children who don't play outside are more prone to anxiety disorders, attention disorders and depression. And that children who spend more time playing outdoors show more creativity and are happier than children who spend very little time playing outdoors.

Dr Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute, conducted a survey that showed that children care less about environmental welfare than their parents do. This is a cause for concern, since children are the future caretakers of the environment. Perhaps the reduction of outdoor playtime has resulted in children caring less for the environment.

What do you mommies out there think? I think we need to plan a camping trip soon or maybe get a pet.

For more information and solutions, click

Mar 18, 2010


"HOW TO MULTIPLY YOUR BABY’S INTELLIGENCE, more gentle revolution by Glenn Doman & Janet Doman"

I'm reading the book now. Its a real thick & creamy book, filled with real good info.

Anyway, I wanna share a sneak-a-peek here on how to lift our toddler's IQ especially when they are on the "naming stage" (18-24months).

Try the "30seconds teach"!!

In 30 seconds name & detail-out the thing ur naming. Example;

Your toddler saw a cat. You say:

1)Its a cat
2) Its a black cat
3) It has white tummy
4) Cat is a feline
5) Cat that loves fish
6) Cat loves milk too
7) Cat say "meow"
8) Cat is a tiny tiger
9) Cat has soft fur
10) Cat's whiskers are pointy
11) Cat's eyes are beautiful and reflects in the dark

Just teach your kid some superb fact about cats as much as you can in 30seconds and then STOP (bebel panjang2 will make the kid lose interest).

So what does our kid actually gets from here?

First of all, once they process these facts, they learn to know the names and characteristic of something. Then they get to use these words they learned on other stuff or other occasions.

But here's something we don't realize, this method teaches our toddler the logic of math and the rules of probability too.

By teaching our toddler these facts and the possibilities to address the object ( such as the cat in the example), we are training their brains to combine and permutate the facts that we have taught them.

The result? Our toddler's brain grows in the process!!

Mar 16, 2010

Look Who's talking, ok?

"Hey, apa ko buak?" sambil buat gaya makcik2 bergossip.

"Eeei, apa chuuu?" buat gaya bimbo blonds tanye soalan. Ada times dia akan kata "Eweew, wat dat?".

"Mama, dokdok. Nyak amah (boob)" sambil tepuk peha mama dia & buat muka bodek nak nyusu.

"Mama...amah daaap. nyak?" ayat bodek nak susu time mama bz dgn lappy.

"oooh tanteeek" ayat puji...or bodek nak benda..

"Haak haa, pak toh" ayat time tgk benda jatuh, meletup, terbakar, pecah.

"noi..go way" ayat menghalau org.

"oh noi..i dowan" ayat diva kalo tak nak.

"mama, nyak chepum chepum" ajak mama dia vacuum the house after she made a mess.

"iyaa dipchee, iyaa lala, iyaaaaaa poooooooo" saying helo to teletubbies.

"hai hai" bila kluar dr bilik after a nice nap.

"ai law yu..kisssu" ayat sayang & nak bodek..

Actually, banyak lagi common stuff yg Miya selalu sebut, but mama lost track of them.

See Miya leh bercakap la..(ni balas balik to Tok Ma Miya yg pagi td bebel kata Miya tak reti cakap. Dah nak 2yrs old, takkan nak sign language ajeee).

Mar 15, 2010

Miya & Her New Buddy Azimi!!!

Miya ada kawan baru....Azimi.

Cute kan?

He is tiny just like Miya...He loves breastmilk like Miya...Miya thinks he is cheeky like Miya too..

No worries, nanti Miya jaga dia elok2. Miya janji Miya sorang aje yg boleh buli dia. Orang lain buli dia, siap aa..Miya bantai orang tu.

Mar 11, 2010

takde mood nak blog aa..

mama takde mood nak blog..miya flu..cian miya...

slalunye kalo berubah musim, mesti miya flu..doa-doa tak demam la..

miya jarang tak sihat. so bila miya tak sihat gini, mesti mama rasa tak best...

anyway, idung tersumbat gini pun miya masih active..bila melompat-lompat tu mula la meleleh ingus...eeeeeeeeeeeee...

pastu bila datang time nak manja tu, bukan main la kuat menempel.....

miya ooo miya...

sayang anak mama...

Mar 10, 2010

Breastmik Cheese?

I just found out that there is this Adventurous NYC Chef who tried (and succeed) in making cheese from his wife's EBM. For more reading check it out at his blog

I like this idea. We BF mommies always worry about our EBM stock nearing expiry date or exceeded the 3months age. We wouldn't want to flush it down the drain gitu aje kan?

R U Adventurous enough to be making cheese out of ur EBM? All natural & organic....LOL.

Well I did it once, accidentally. We left a bottle of 8oz EBM in the diaperbag for over a week.. LOL..It turned to cheese alright...but I won't recommend eating/tasting it.


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