Jun 30, 2010

Miya & Mama Busy Pampering Ourselves

Cam ni la gaya kitorang berdua tiap-tiap hari. Berendam dalam tub. Best woo berendam air panas di tengah winter ni.

Jun 28, 2010

Budak Yang Malas Gi Sekolah

Do I have to? Tak boleh stay at home with mama ke? Tolong mama kemas rumah kan kan kan?

Last-last, at 10am mama hantar juga budak ni pergi sekolah....

Jun 25, 2010

In the name of Art?

Si Muncung Pipi Molat?

Jun 24, 2010

Home remedy for Mama & Toddler

No drugs and great for pregnant mom, breastfeeding mom & lil kids.

-psst..i'm still under the weather...ouchie.........

Jun 22, 2010

Cerita Makanan & Masakan Lagi

I'm a bit under the weather....tapi nak blogging gak.. Rasa itchy kalau blog dah 2-3 hari tak update.

Since I didn't read much & have not much words in my numb brain, kita cerita pasal makanan aje la melalui cerita bergambar.

1)Pumpkin+cheese muffin.

Actually pretty easy to make, macam buat muffin biasa. Pukul butter, egg, gula, milk & pumpkin until sebati. Then fold in flour, baking powder & a bit garam.

Scoop into cups, letak cheese kat tengah-tengah & bakar til golden.

2) Salad "guilty conscious".

Sebab nak makan ayam deep fried gitu ala-ala popcorn chicken, kena la contra dengan green vege. Great balance meal for Mom & Daugther.

3) Puffy Spinach Cheese.

4) Pasta jahat tapi banyak khasiat.

Mula-mula buat bechamel sauce.

Pastu rebus la any pasta yang ada dalam your pantry.

At 200deg C, roast pumpkin & onion with a dash of olive oil.

Now gaulkan semua bahan, letak bits of meatball & topped with the bechamel sauce. Then bakar til golden brown or some parts are crispy.

Nikmati tengah panas-panas.....

Jun 18, 2010

Its never too young to do housework...

Lepas Miya dah vacuum ni, jangan gatal-gatal nak sepah and buat kotor..ok?

Hish...Vacuum mama ni harap aje besar, tapi tak power. Pakai vacuum Miya yg lagi hebat. Its green & it talks.

Jun 16, 2010

Manners Matters

Kalau Melayu dia seloka, kalau Melayu dia bermadah, kalau Melayu manis bicara, Kalau Melayu manis bahasa.... I think I got all the wording right from a song by Ahli Fiqir, I once suka sebelum jadi mak mak ni.

I teringat these lyrics as I was sitting down with a coffee while watching the breakfast show on7 this morning. They were discussing about Suri Cruise yang ada potensi to be a brat as she is now being treated as a little diva. Then they discussed on manners to teach our kids untuk elakkan dari jadi brat, eventho we shower them with luxury like a little diva.

Memang lah we all want our children to be well-mannered, but we also know how hard it is to convince them to do anything, much less be polite and respectful. I remember my own difficulties dari kecil sampai lah nak jadi bini orang, getting remark where someone said “Modern and educated sangat sampai lupa adap. Mat salleh sangat la tu”. What the f... , indeed....

Could it be that I was too into intellectual & modern stuff, till I lupa adat & adap Melayu? Could it be that the current generation of interlectual have discarded themselves from being bounded to adat & adap? Could it be we watch too much American movies & tv shows, yang buat kita Melayu terikut-ikut akan simple lifestyle where certain stuff aje matters and we don't need to sweat the small stuff yg adat kita suruh?

Tapi after a while menetap di rantau orang, I could feel that its not just Melayu facing this kind of problem. Commonly I find mat salleh pun having problem sama. Biasanya yang buat macam-macam would be the young kids, while pakcik makcik matsalleh ni cukup manis sopan santunnya. Murah senyum, selalu greet me eventho I wanita bertudung and even main-main dengan Miya macam cucu sendiri.

So? Apa sudah jadi until its giving such result toward the younger generation? Could it be poor role models on television or persekitaran anak? What can we do?

After dah membaca from a few articles from many various expert, I share with you the summary:

· Sopan Santun berbicara: Bila kita bercakap or sambil-sambil membebel menyusu or tukar nappy dia, kita cakap lembut-lembut. Never ever forget “please” and “thank you”.

· Sentuhan/Socialize Penuh Love & Care: No biting, No hitting, Loads of XOXO, pat a pet. Experts shows, kalau dari kecik anak dah biasa begini, anak takkan opt to violence when frustrated.

However, ni maybe a bit susah nak apply for kids yang most of the time duduk kat daycare and exposed to many kids with many attitude. Young kids only paham the concept of “an eye for an eye”, so kalau orang buat aku gitu, aku patut bela diri and buat balik kat orang lain. Then all of a sudden it became a common attitude acceptable among toddlers at daycare. Even Miya yang pegi daycare seminggu sekali ni pun ada aje attitude tak best dia pick up cam, jerit-jerit bila mintak benda & hit bila marah. I'm not blaming anyone but dah mmg children live what they learn. Cepat menangkap & applies what works for them. We should remind anak kita “an eye for an eye can make the world go blind”. So what can we do? If we see such No-No attitude going on at home, we must put a stop to it. Make them realize that these kind of No-No does not work. I know its a bit leceh, but believe me, kalau kita dok pahat ukiran cantik kat anak kita, insyaAllah ternampak hasil dia suatu hari nanti.

· Hormat: Practice well-mannered activities in front of your baby, cam hold the door for someone, kata sorry or excuse me bila terlanggar orang, tolong angkat benda jatuh or say thank you after orang tolong kita or bagi barang kat kita.

Lepas tu bebel lak kat anak kata, kita kena buat camtu. Kena tolong orang or hormat orang. Kita kena hormat orang kalau nak orang hormat kita. InsyaAllah anak akan register dalam otak, then learn to make sense of the action & menunggu masa aje untuk apply it to his/her life.

· Sabar: Ni antara benda paling tough untuk tanam dalam diri anak especially dia going through the “terrible two” stage. Tapi nak tak nak we must, kalau tak for the rest of his/her life dia bawak perangai tu. I read it helps by putting one hand on the child’s shoulder while with a serious voice we say “sabar/wait/tunggu/patient”. I also rajin bagi anak makan kurma, as it helps untuk bina kesabaran anak.

One simple thing as basic as life itself, try to practise what your religion ask you to do. Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hindu, Judaism, Taoism, Confucius and many more...semua have the same basic. Do good to other as how you will do good to yourself, Don't harm other as much as you don't want yourself to suffer from other's harm,...and commit actions or support action contributing to WORLD PEACE.

Sapa sokong saya angkat tangan!!

Among the Joy of Having a Daughter

Jun 13, 2010

Latest Pasta Experiment - Canneloni

Bosan-bosan hari sabtu, I tried making cannelloni. Dah lama teringin, tapi rajinnye tu baru datang semalam..Huhuhu.

So what is Cannelloni?

Cannelloni (Italian: large reeds) are rectangular pastasheets that are rolled into acylindrical shape encompassing a filling. After a pasta sheet has been boiled, it is typically filled with a savory stuffing which may include ricotta cheese,spinach, and various meats. It is then covered with a sauce, typically a classic tomato orbéchamel sauce. Cannelloni is often erroneously referred to asmanicotti (Italian: sleeves) (English pronunciation: /ˌmænɨˈkɒtiː/), the latter being a pre-shaped tube that is then stuffed.[1] Although both terms are plural nouns in Italian, the English term is often construed as singular, particularly when used as the name of the dish.

Bahan-bahan basic yg di perlukan: Onion, Mince Beef, Cheese, Tomato Puree/ Diced Tomato, Bechamel Sauce, Butter, Large Tube Pasta/Lasagne Sheet, Italian Herbs, Garam, Gula & Ground Pepper.

How to prepare?

1) Brown the mince beef with onion & butter.

2) Now matikan api & curahkan pre-prepared bechamel sauce.

3) Sumbat daging+bechamel sauce in the pre-cooked tube pasta. If you are using lasagne sheet, letak inti di tengah & gulung aje cam gulung kebab. Then susun nicely on baking tray.

4) Now to prepare the Tomato Sauce, caramel the onion with butter. Then add can of tomato puree. Let it simmer until pekat. Add garam, gula & italian herbs to your taste.

5) Now curah the tomato sauce on the well lined pasta.

6) Curah lak bechamel sauce or tabur mozzarella cheese. Tabur italian herbs & pepper.

7) Bake 'em in 170-200 degree Celsius oven until its crispy & a bit golden brown.

Verdict: Licin 3branak makan for dinner.........It taste almost like lasagne, tapi lagi yummy with ada pasta yg lembut & parts yang crispy. Since tak banyak sangat tomato sause, the cheese & cream memang over power, sampai boleh rasa kejahatannye..Muahahhahhaa...

For them yang tak sure how I make this can watch this video:

Jun 11, 2010

Homeschool Craft- Ulat Gonggok!!

Jun 10, 2010

Weird but Not Sure if its True

One of Sunni Islam's most prestigious institutions is to discipline a cleric after he issued a decree allowing women to breastfeed their male colleagues.

Dr Izzat Atiya of Egypt's al-Azhar University said it offered a way around segregation of the sexes at work.

His fatwa stated the act would make the man symbolically related to the woman and preclude any sexual relations.

The president of al-Azhar denounced the fatwa, which Dr Atiya has since retracted, as defamatory to Islam.

According to Islamic tradition, or Hadith, breast-feeding establishes a degree of maternal relation, even if a woman nurses a child who is not biologically hers.

'Family bond'

In his fatwa, Dr Atiya, the head of al-Azhar's Department of Hadith, said such teachings could equally apply to adults.

He said that if a woman fed a male colleague "directly from her breast" at least five times they would establish a family bond and thus be allowed to be alone together at work.

"Breast feeding an adult puts an end to the problem of the private meeting, and does not ban marriage," he ruled.

"A woman at work can take off the veil or reveal her hair in front of someone whom she breastfed."

The legal ruling sparked outrage throughout Egypt and the Arab world.

On Sunday, Dr Atiya retracted it, saying it had been the result of a "bad interpretation of a particular case" during the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Egypt's minister of religious affairs, Mahmoud Zaqzouq, has called for future fatwas to "be compatible with logic and human nature".

So what do you mommies think?

Jun 9, 2010

Homeschool activity to encourage toddler's speech

From Ken Adams book, I learned that we can accelerate a toddler's speech development by getting the child to create mental images by using the 5 senses; sight, sound, touch, taste & smell.

It has been proven that such activities will strengthen the child's ability to match new experienced with the any old memories.

The wonderful thing about it is that the child's brain will then work harder and grew to be faster in connecting the data gained from each experience.

So contoh activities yang guna almost all of the senses, Main masak-masak:

1) In small portions, letak any spices, salt & pepper in small cups or bowl.
2) Let your child see it & tanya what does it look like. Then we explain the color & shape.
3) Let your child touch it & tanya how does it feel. Then kita pulak explain about the touch.
3) Let your child smell it & tanya if it smell nice or not.
4) Let your child taste it & tanya sedap ke tak. Then explain about the taste and function of the taste.
5) Sama-sama dengan anak try to crush or snap the spice and see her reaction. Then kita explain what is the name of the sound & why does it make such sound bila kita buat gitu.

Ada macam movie "Mistress of Spices" tu tak. Train budak-budak memahami dunia melalui spices.

Have fun. InsyaAllah this will multiple the child's encyclopaedic ability & increase her vocabulary in improving her speech.

Jun 4, 2010

Methods to Create A Genius?

As I have mentioned before geniuses are born every day and most of them are in a "coma". Without the right therapy, these geniuses will continue to be in coma, where most of them will never receive the depth of intellectual nurturing required to push that genius into full bloom.

I found this book yesterday and totally fell in love with it.

The book was designed to help us to stimulate the learning response in newborns through age 11. The writer shares practical exercises and interactive activities that can enhance a child’s motivation in growing their mind.

Its is quite convenient for us mommies as the book outlines some activities are sorted by age-group. The writer provided concepts introduced using a proven methodology and covering such topics as color and pattern recognition, the physical world, mathematics, nature, reading and writing, using computers, and more, all communicated in a way that will bring out the best in every child. From there, we mommies can adjust it to the suitability of our child's personality and interest.

Pendek kata, even a mom who is not highly educated pun boleh produce a bona fide genius.

Interested? Go and get your copy.

Jun 1, 2010

Simple Reminder to a Happy Family?

1) Share load of laughter together. 

2) Concentrate on what you have & not on what you don't. Secara tak langsung, you'll be makhluk Allah yang paling bersyukur.

3) Share your happiness as a couple with the children too. Suami Isteri sentiasa how their love and in a way akan create a sense of security for the kids.

4) Be happy with less. Minimalist is the new trend. So when something extra happen, it will be a huge surprise & make everyone in the family smile.

5) Make you home a place of kind words. Leave your stress & vocab kata-kata busyuk kat luar pagar rumah.

6) Believe in each other & try to have yinyang relationship at home. Kalau sorang stress, sorang lg tukang ceriakan. Kalau sorang in a hard time & making a hard choice, believe in them.

7) Offer praise & constructive criticism only. 

8) Worry less. Have faith in what Allah have decided for us.

9) Always share a meal. A family that eats together sticks together.

Kalau mommies ada lagi tips berkesan, share la in the comment box


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