Nov 9, 2010

Save $$ on Maternity Clothing

In the early 2nd trimester, I've eliminated about 5 of my size 0 pants+jeans from my wardrobe.

Today I've eliminated 8pants+jeans (size M) & 1 skirt (size M) from my wardrobe.

Arrgh... kena go shop lagi ke? Malas lah..... Terasa cam wasting aje...

Was thinking of investing some $$ on buying belly belt , but the actual problem is not just tak boleh zip up or butang, tak boleh sarung lepas peha & montot. Ouch... me gone big at the bottom. Erk!!

Most of my baju, I can still fit coz they are all lycra or stretchy cotton, but very the sarung nagka one. So I have to wear them with a dress on top or a vest sweater.

Now... that got me wondering, how can I still have something sane to wear without having to waste $$ in buying maternity (we all know it can be expensive & pakai time preggy aje, not a good investment for me who doesn't plan to branak yearly). So...... I've come up with these ideas:

1) Invest on sane sweat pants (rupa senonoh lah, tak cam sluar PJ budak sekolah), leggings, tights, baggy pantz (ala aladin/mc hammer) or stretchie jeans. For muslimah bertudung, I would suggest to buy a few size larger than your usual size (so tak nampak bentuk kaki sgt).

2) Invest on bohemian skirts with pinggang getah or pull string. So boleh pakai time moncit & ramping.

3) Invest on baju inner nipis & baby doll dress. These inners pun boleh pakai dgn those fashionable baggy singlets. Its best to have baju luar tu a bit labuh, so that baju tak terjungkit & show the lower part of ur tummy. With this u can save $$ from having to buy a 'bella band'.

4) If you are a jubah person, invest on jubah. When I was preggy with Miya, during 3rd trimester I wore jubah to work (kemas & comfy), borrowed mostly from my mom. Mujur dia ada byk jubah stylo & bling bling. Also you can invest on bohemian dress. Ni boleh pakai time preggy & after baby too.

I believe, dengan cara ni we can save loads of $$ & most of these clothes can still be worn after the baby kan?

Hmm.. now I know on what to shop after this. InsyaAllah takkan membazir, so more $$ saved for the new baby.

Care to share you tips on this?


Nadiah Sidek said...

kite pun takleh pakai dah pants size 0. ari tu sampai tercabut butang. heh. la ni lebih selesa pakai skirt labuh

amirah said...

gud tips..better save more for the baby kan

Liz Rohaizat said...

masa pregnant dulu, byk beli empire tops. tp mmg kena beli yg labuh sikit la so nanti tak terjungkit bila perut dah besar. paling best, baju tu still boleh dipakai lepas bersalin

yatie chomeyl said...

i pun dulu beli 1 je maternity jeans + maternity dress.
I always go with those baby dress matched with tights.
bohemian dress pun ada beli 1 tp lps bersalin x pakai2 lg sbb payah nak selak bila baby SN nak mintak nenen hehe

Anonymous said...

nadiah--> i kalau kat rumah mmg pakai skirt or dress aje. selesa sungguh kan? tp i jenis kalau kluar rumah kena pakai sluar, mmg spesis kurang berkenan dgn kain2 ni. ada rs insecure.

amirah--> kan kan.. newborn baby ni kita tak tau apa dia perlukan, so better save some $$ in case needed.

liz--> empire tops mmg best... after baby,sesuai plak jd nursing top due to dia punye plunging neckline. but i find it kinda hard nak jumpa yg agak labuh. suggest any brand?

yatie--> betul tu! baju kena BF friendly. me when pilih baju, mmg pikir pasal BF, senang nak selak ke tak. tu penting tu.

Lissa Ahmad said...

tak beli pun baju maternity.. jubah n long dress are my choice..

MarDiah said...

I beli maternity pants dgn maternity maxi yang boleh draw string. mmg pricey, tapi lps bersalin still boleh pakai. so no sweat laa.. next baby boleh pakai lagi, besarkan balik pinggangnya... lain2 byk baju kurung jek dgn jubah.

Anonymous said...

lissa--> mmg jubah & long dress ni cam best choice & comfy kan. i wish kat sini senang nak cari gitu. longdress byk since its now spring/summer collection, tp size matsalleh lak. cam i yg metot ni kena potong aje bwh dia.

mardiah-->luckynye u jumpa maternity yg sesuai dgn u. i dulu round 1 kl, try macam2...semua tak berkenan sebabkan size & cutting. tu yg last2 pakai jubah & dress aje tu.

Nuroll said...

pregnancy this time mmg i xbeli maternity wear satu pun...smua 5 pcs shirt for 5 working days and lots of strechaable skirts and pants....t-shirts mmg berlambak...pastu sauk cardigan which is either black or white! :)!

Lady Qay said...

i mmg tak prgnt pun sllu cr bluse yang labuh n tak nmpk ketat n ikut figure..n sllu cr mana yang boleh guna utk bf skli mcm butang smpi dada atau zip atau butang penuh di boleh pki dua,dua ms preg n bf...baju kurung, i buat stail kurung riau, so bsar tak la ketat..kain memang buat bsar n adjustable saiz butang n klipnye...tapi ms 3rd trim mmg tak lpas dah bju skrg pki sluar bnyak n mana2 bju kurung save pd hri yang ada nk jumpa bos(sb dia ni old fesyen..tak suka org pki suar mai keje..nnti kn crmh pnjg) atau ms hr ada occasion yang perlu pki bju kurung..hihih

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