Nov 29, 2010

Healthy Weight Gain During Preggy

Being pregnant would mean you will have to face the inevitable weight gain. It can be ok for some of us, but it can also be a horror to most of us, maklumlah we ladies ni sensitive skit bab tembam-bam-bum.

When I first got pregnant with Miya, my average weight was about 39-41kg. But by the end of the 1st trimester, my weight dropped to 36kg due to super bad morning sickness.. Memang rupa super skinny tak macam orang preggy pun. Alhamdulillah by the end of that pregnancy, my weight manage to reach up to 48kg (pretty happy about this coz I have never ever ever reach such weight in my life. this is indeed a new record for me) and within the week after birth, berat turun down to 44kg. Then in no time, thanks to breastfeeding, I got my normal weight back (eventho I still makan macam orang bela hantu).

For this 2nd pregnancy, I am not sure on how much I weigh during early pregnancy, but by the end of 1st trimester (after ramadhan yang I berjaya puasa penuh sebulan) my weight was only 38kg. Later, a week after I jump on the scale, my mama came to visit & stayed for almost 2months........ and when she left, I weigh myself again. To my surprise, I've gained 8kg. Fuiyoo!! Kagum kan? I guess hati I happy with my mama around (Bukan I sorang aje naik berat ok. Miya pun gained almost 2kg. Huhuhuhu.....)

Anyway, what concerns me now is how much is a healthy weight gain during pregnancy? Now bila I see myself in the mirror, I see this fluffy tembam woman. I feel fat!!

Tapikan.... when I asked the midwife, doctor and people around me, none said I'm fat. They said I look pretty healthy & fit for a preggo. Erk? Ye ke?

With me feeling all "fluffy" on every part of my body, I'm worried on:
  1. what if the baby is too big and might cause complication to petite me? or
  2. what if I go big and cause complication for the baby?
  3. what if it will be hard for me to get my body back after baby? HORROR!!

So I did my research and found this video:

Then I found this cool tool called Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator at and found that the healthy weight for me to gain during pregnancy is within 11.3 kgs - 15.9 kgs.

Fuisssh, lega......

How's you experience on pregnancy weight gain?


yatie chomeyl said...

i d try calculator tu, "You will probably gain 12.7 kgs - 18.1 kgs during your pregnancy."

tapi I gain 10kgs je sbb Dr kat sini bagi naik bnerat 1kg je per month...which is good in a way that i can easily shed away those pregnancy fat hehehehe

Nadiah Sidek said...

masa 1st pregnancy, berat kite naik 10 kg. yg 2nd ni tak tau la brp akan naik. kalau compare, perut skrg ni lagi besar berbanding masa 1st pregnancy. risau baby besar je! huhu..

ILA HAFIZ said...

ila naik 14.5kg dr berat asal semasa pregnantkan izz. every month naik 1-1.5kg saja cuma masa masuk 8 bulan, ila penah kena food poisioning, hilang 4kg. Alhamdulillah 2minggu lepas tu gain balik berat badan. masa 37weeks 3 days dah bersalin. After 2 mon, berat turun 2kg kurang dr berat asal.

Now, after 3yrs..berat naik balik mendadak sebab mummy sgt happy & asyik nak makan je. :(

NURUL IZZA said...

Ms 1st pregnancy hr tu brat naik almost 10 kg! hehe~~ which is not good for me, bak kate omputeh US la.. sbb diorg kalau blh nak bg kita naik 30 lb. yang kali kedua ni....entah xperasan sgt, yg pastinya.. perut dh boyot!kuikui.. akak bila due ye? dekat2 sama ke..atau iza dulu eh?

amirah said...

i gained approx 10 kilos. Tu nasib baik jugak due to morning sickness and sebab worry much on my diabetic diet. Kalo tidak lagi berapa banyak kilo la agaknya yg terpahat jadi lemak tepu..huhu

Anonymous said...

ooo ramai rupenye geng i yg berat naik gitu gitu aje...hihihi..

nurul izza, my due date dlm late feb nnt.

My_Aqeelah said...

u ni just perfect. bestnye....
below are summary of me :-
before pregnant : 55 kg
dekat bersalin : 68 kg
after bersalin : 54 kg
now : 60 kg
bravo to me :( ni semua akibat makan banyak. so sad.

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