Feb 23, 2010

How to be a RICH mom?

(Jgn jealous tgk keceriaan ku. Energetic kan? LOL)

Bukan jadi kaya in $$ wise. We can be rich harta and rich with love from hubby&anak. Its up to us on how to value richness, but 1 thing for sure most mommies are poor at/in........ENERGY!!

Today I'm giving tips on how to be rich in energy coz we all know that being a mom (SAHM, WAHM, FTWM) is till a fulltime job plus on call duty of a 24/7 employment, kan? So memang normal for us to be feeling less energetic most of the time.

I had a read from a few articles by a few fitness expert (also moms) and I gather these 5 Fast Ways to ensure You have Lasting Energy for the Busiest of days!

1. Eat Breakfast

Never ever ever ever dever miss your breakfast. I know most of us akan kata, perut tokleh terima food so early la.... Takde masa la....Takde selera laa.....

You know it’s the most important meal of the day! You make sure your kids eat it…you need to eat it too.

Kalau perut can't handle food to early, I suggest a trick that works for me during my days as a working mom. Sebelum solat subuh, I make myself a hot drink (ehem...mesti la coffee kan? Kalo tak takkan namanye coffeeholic..LOL). This warms up the tummy. Ada petua suruh minum air suam with a squeeze of lemon or lime so that it warms up the tummy and kickstart the liver. Then perform your duties; mandi, solat, prepare breakfast, bersiap & bersolek. Bila dah dress up lengkap, baru have your breakfast. For those yg beralasan tak sempat, bekalkan ur breakfast & eat it in the car on the way to work (ni my fav cara la, nak pulak kalo stuck in jam. so tak waste time by multitasking).

Choose breakfast yang high protein and fibre. Jangan la choose the typical Malaysian breakfast yang oily/fatty and carbo-laden because those akan buat kita mengantuk. Believe me something as simple as egg sandwich (egg salad+high fibre roti) or dah cukup.

2. Eat Protein With Every Meal and Snack

Protein, not only helps to maintain your energy levels, it also helps you to burn more calories than simply eating a carb-only based meal! This is also good for breastfeeding mom and other moms you wanna maintain a great figure.

Try snacking on kekacang? I know its tough coz I sendiri suka makan keropok & biscuits. :D

3. Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours
Eating often will keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable all day. It also prevents from a person to develop diabetes, kan?

So instead of eating 2 to 3 oversized meals - which demands more of your energy to digest and will only leave you feeling lethargic and bogged down - plan to eat smaller meals and snacks every 3 to 4 hours. Aim to make your meals and snacks 250-350 calories instead of a whopping 500-800+.

4. Drink Green Tea
Green tea is full of antioxidants, lower levels of caffeine, will prevent you from crashing later in the day. BONUS: Studies show green tea helps your body burn more fat when coupled with eating right and exercising.

Psst..I have to admit, I drink green tea to flush out the negative elements that I might get from my daily boost of coffee.

(NOTE– Green tea you brew – not bottled, “green tea”, full of sugar or worse...artificial sweeteners)

5. Move Every hour
Yes, it is obvious that I would tell you that you need to Exercise to feel more energized. You've got this point. But your body still needs to move and be active in between your workouts. Get the blood flowing, clear your mind, work your muscles and ease your joints. If you can, try to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine with a brisk walk.

My form of daily exercise these days would be pushing the stroller to the market (15mins brisk walk), kejar Miya at the playground (20-40mins mix activities), vacuuming (5-10mins of push & pull), cooking & cleaning dapur (total of about 1-3hours daily), solat ( 5waktu of about 5mins each with many similar to yoga poses) and many more..

If I stay active like this, I didn't feel letih pun until dah sedar "eh dah malam?". But on my lazy days (usually weekends where we 3 branak "sloth-ing" around and take a few days naps, I feel more lethargic. Weird kan, the one with the less energy used is the one yang bagi the letih.

So..these are my tips. Do you mommies out there have your own tips on how to be RICH in ENERGY?


Salwa said...

i practise point 1 and point 5
and they really work.
once if i skipped bfast, i will get exhausted by the time reach 2pm.sp bfast is something that i couldnt skip
while moving around is very crucial to me
if i took a nap during noon, i noticed that i become more tirs and weaker than if i did not took a nap.
i can stay fresh and energetic eventhough my day begins at 5am and end at 12midnight, everyday.
alhamdulillah, i believe the streght come from ALLAH

p/s : i ketawa gila masa baca 'sloth-ing' tu, terbayang Sid yang tak berslah...hehehe

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

salwa--> sid tu mmg my fav character and bak kata mammoth tu "ur an embarrassment to nature". slothing sekali sekala ok la, tp kalo slalu mmg leh jd sesuatu yg memalukan to the human race. :D

~ As ~ said...

kalau solat 5 waktu tu kira move every hour jg ke..eehehehe... klau dah duduk depan pc, malasnya nak gerak...huh...
p/s : susahnya nak komen, napa eh???

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

As--> hahahhaha...tu la time kerja tu, kalo dok depan PC tu mmg rasa biarlah tak bgn2 til habis kerja. kekadang tu nak lena pun ada. so senaman mmg segarkan bdn skit kan?

susah nak komen? napa eek? sebab blog layout? erk..kalo tu beta buta IT, tak tau la camne nak buat.. :P

Lynn Nasir said...


kecuali green tea, yg lain2 "checked"!! :) tp..aii vakum umah lebih 1/2 jam..penat, flat, semer ada..

walo depan pc pun lynn akan joging setempat (kaki je la ye) heheh! bleh ke?

Farah said...

yes..breakfast is really important..ramai yang amik ringan hal ni..like ade juga amik supplement tambahan selain daripada exercise kat rumah.

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

lynn--> u jogging setempat..i siap imagine buat pilates lg tu...hahahhaa...imagine aje la..rosak rosak..i dulu time rumah besar kat msia, kalo vacuum rumah & mop lantai, esok tu mesti sakit pinggang tahap nak naik demam. now syukur dok 1bedroom apartment..hihihihi :D

farah--> tu la ramai skip. kalo tak skip pun akan have brunch yg agak melampau til they have to skip lunch. then later kebulor nak tunggu dinner. then dinner makan byk2. so bad sugar level management kan? supplement tu pun good coz leh bg energy & also as ubat nak pulihkan badan yg letih. exercise tu penting nak pastikan ada proper oxygen flow dlm darah. oxygen tu yg bg tenaga & also pulihkan cels, kan?

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

great one hun!

nadnye said...

opps yang green tea jea tak buat lagi..
-makan multivitamin kot
-drinks enough plain water

Ely Hasrul said...

skang mmg i kelam kabut 24hrs. so wat i do, i selitkan 5-10mins masa i duduk diam2.. tak pikir ape pon.. i xpektis yoga xreti pon.. tapi silent for 5mins lama2 cam berkesan plak.. makan? huishhh i mmg suka makan.. i suka tips mkn u.. (alasan utk i mkn byk kali wakakakkaa)

Nuroll said...


u looks good in that pose! :)! like it so muchhhh!!!

temp. housewife said...

I rarely skip bfast and I won't sit still until it's time for me to sit in front of the pc.

Just Call Me Bitt said...

all done..hehehe extra tips eat b4 7pm ;) sometimes i lapa jugak memalam i just makan snak jek ;)but if i tak de mood or stress pasal overload work to do i just ignore eat b4 7pm hahahahah lagi i melantak coklat sampai happy hehehehe..apekah...tu i cepat kembang and cepat kuncup...wut to to :/

Dayah said...

I am the one yang tak buleh skip bfast dari dulu..and I believe in taking breakfast will help us to stay health and energetic thruout the day.
about green tea..hari tu dah try tukar ke green tea tapi my father yang dah hidup puluh2 tahun tiap2 hari minum teh biasa ni rejek..sedih btul..

dbalkis said...

salam..tq for the advise..semoga boleh praktikkan esp to opt for healthy hi-fiber bfast and leave the most Malaysian favourite nasi lemak..

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

stephanie--> thanx babe

nadnye--> vitamins good as supplement incase tak cukup due to our unproper food intake or gaya hidup kita. water is really important to rehydate the internal organs & cells. but jgn lak opt to energy drinks. to mmg good for cells but the sugar level tu tinggi oo.. naya lak.

ely--> bab makan byk kali mmg kita suka la...tu yg i parah bila time nak puasa..hahahha...u slalu kagum u ok time puasa. bab moment of silence to good for us to recollect our thoughts. takut hilang focus. kalo tak jd cam some case where moms tertinggal kunci kereta dlm fridge. then tarik rambut mencari mana dia left it. LOL...

nuroll--> takde la stok model, but yg penting tu you feel good & the pic speaks for itself kan?

temp.housewife--> me too..siap i kekadang rasa tak kena kalo dok diam aje. so sometimes kalo dok diam depan tv i will knit or sew.

bitt--> yes should have dinner b4 magrib. its my hubby punye family practise. when i was in KL, mmg la tak menjadi this way coz blk dr office pun dah gelap. but here alhamdulillah we found work life balance. hubby reach home at 5.40, we will have coffee. then solat asar. then i serve dinner. after dinner everyone can relax & hopefully miya pun dpt go to bed early. to snack sambil2 tu, we eat fruits, crackers & yogurt. :D. the result, hubby dah nampak kecik skit dr mula2 sampai sini dulu. ;) i tak yah nak kata apa la, mmg kecik. hahaha..syukur i berjaya maintain, kan?

anyway..i like going to bed badan rasa ringan rather than terasa cam u br lepas makan hotel buffet.

dayah--> dlm family ni, i sorang aje bedal green tea. hubby punye rule, kalo nak suh dia minum green tea, kena ada sushi..chiss.. i dulu mula2 rajin sgt minum green tea after i found i got 2 small cyst in my right kidney. doc didnt do anything about it but i was suffering like hell. so i start minum tiap2 hari for 4months. bila gi check up after those 4months. mmg cyst hilang. doc tak caye coz dia kata cyst takkan vanish like that. :D

dbalkis--> i suka nasi lemak, but i like it as my dinner. :D so kalo ngantuk pun dah takde heavy activity after tu. so takpe la. :D

lailasani said...

tengok title terus i click! nampak sangat i ni mata duitan.. hahaha...
good tips. saya sangat tidak bertenaga setelah pregnant dlm keadaan 'TERLALU SIHAT' aka gemuk weih... br 14mggu rasa mcm tak cukup nafas dah.. huhu..

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

lailasani--> no worries. mmg experts pun kata kalo badan kita naik, mmg kita akan jd lebih M & rasa berat aje badan ni. try la ubah diet. snack on fruits,salad & kekacang. menu lauk makanan pun cari yg boleh tinggalkan rasa fresh dlm mulut. then ubah cara hidup slowly. insyaAllah nnt semakin positive energy tank kita.

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