Feb 1, 2010

Miya's Homeschool Update: Puzzle Skills & Empathy

Lately I've been homeschooling Miya mostly by using "puzzle games" method.

Allowing children to play with puzzles at an early age can greatly aid in their childhood education and help them develop skills that they can use later in their lives. Young children need to learn to grasp and hold objects. Puzzles can be a great way to develop and improve motor skills since they require a toddler to hold and manipulate a relatively small object.

A toddler can improve their cognitive skills too - in particular their problem solving and reasoning skills - with puzzles. They can help to teach color and shape recognition, to get a better understanding of the relationship of a part to the whole and can even teach them things like letters, numbers, animal names and more depending upon the theme.

Puzzles require a child to place an object in a precise location. To fit the piece they usually must manipulate it, try it out, move it around and finally fit it in its place. This is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and to improve their skills as they master fitting pieces where they should go.

We have 3puzzles at home (ABC Chart, 123 Turtle & Bearly Personality) . But for now I frequently use "Bearly Personality" for our homeschool. It's a puzzle game, where the bear has been cut off to 3 parts; head, upperbody & lowerbody. So the child is suppose to be matching the body parts to create a whole complete bear.

Miya loves it.

But something interesting strikes me. On each of the bear's head, ada different facial expression. You know what Miya did?

She points at the head and will imitate the bear's facial expression. Then I teringat Hanz punye posting on teaching kids empathy, something interesting she wrote last year. A child that can recognize facial expression and reacts to it, does have empathy in them. (If any of you mommies tertinggal LRT on this topic, do visit Hanz post on her blog).

What's the importance of empathy? Well atleast you know if you have empathy, you are not a psychopath. LOL....

See the video...super excited kan anak dara ni? (sori gelap, malas nak edit)


Hanz said...

Babe, we also have this puzzle, from Hanafi passed down to Hambali..but think kena beli barulah..lotsa missing pieces...me yang adult ni pun suka this teddy puzzle as it is so cute! :>

yatie chomeyl said...

excited miya bila dh compplete bear tu hehe

CuppyCakeMommy said...

kat mana nk beli puzzle cenggini eh..interesting n well done miya..bijak bijak

glam.mama said...

That is so adorable! Your girl is just so cute :D

Aqil, my 25-month-old, also loves puzzles, and I am fascinated by how he solves them and even provide narratives when he does them. Something I learned early on with puzzles, though, is to observe and make sure that it suits his cognitive level...when he was younger and found some puzzles too difficult, he'd get so frustrated that he gets put off from doing any for a while ;D

Just Call Me Bitt said...

bagus la...i baru semlm suh iskandar main puzzle...hahahha...arini dah pandai...sekejap habis..tapi belom ready lagi nak ajar ismeth...i takut dia koyak2 jek plak...ingat ade masa nak print out pastu tampal jek kat cardboard cenggitu dia koyak pon tak rak hal...ehhehehe thanks ya sharing i leh cuba nanti...

Ummi Salsabila said...

aufa xde puzzle la aunty.nanti suh ummi belila.hehe.good for their motor skills.

bijakla miya ni.so cute!thanks for sharing!

CatlinaFly said...

re: iye ?so pediasure tak de lactose lah ye..will consider it..tapi mahal kan?my sis pernah beli ni utk anak dia.Not that i'm budget constrain tapi pediasure utk satu tahun ke atas kan?

lagi satu, mana nak cari karicare tu?senang ke nak cari?mcm tak pernah dgr dan tgk :)

puzzle miya so cute..tgh cari puzzle utk e-ein gak ni...ade, tapi tak serupa mcm miya nye ...:)

ibuaiman said...

anak i, aqilah suka tgk video anak u, die srh ulang2 smpi lbh 10x..huhu...kat mane u beli puzzle ni ye?i nak beli jgk kat aqilah...

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

mommies, i tak tau la mana nak cari in msia. cuba tanye HANZ. kat australia ni senang sgt jumpa benda2 gini coz byk toys dr kayu & educational too. murah2 sgt..

Ina Hashim said...

wahhhh...terernya miya susun puzzle

Ely Hasrul said...

miya oso ade skill jadik fehsen designer .. hensem bear pakai baju ijau hehe.

sami kan skang if kena denda dia akan duduk satu sudut.. tetiba cam baca buku lah ape.. and slow aje ckp.. 'tak..nak.. kawan.. papi/mami'


ummu faqeh said...

bagus miya..cantik bear tuh..musim panas dah ker kat sana?dah tak pakai legging dah..pakai pampers jer tuh!hehe

anak2 kami kat jordan ni suka gak bila dapat main puzzle dari kayu2 nih time gei muzium kanak2 hari tuh..nak cari mende alah nih kat jordan tak jumpa lagi..miya poskan ke sini boleh?hehehe

ibuaiman said...

alahai...kempunan lar aqilah nak main puzzle ni..:(...sob,sob

fiza said...

Ala tomeinya miya (^_^), pandai main puzzle.

Sofeah~ said...

waa...sooo cute la miya..dah pandai main puzzle...fea pandai bukak buku then campak jer...takleh nk focus lagi

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