Aug 31, 2009

Feel Good to Look Good?

Back few days, one of our mommy-blogger friend just reminded us that being a mom does not mean you should stop taking care of your body and looks. If you guys have missed it, you can go over to her blog and have a read here at Stephanie did shared a lot and it made me go thinking of my own method in trying to look “sane”.

We have surely have seen the snaps of all those celebrities with a kid or two. Like Angelina Jolie, with her bunch of kids and still she can look amazing at her minimal. I’m sure in our hearts we will say “Alah, dia celebrity. Ada orang nanny the kids while she get her make-up done by her make-up artist”.

Actually that is the way of thinking that we should avoid. Instead, we should get inspired by those females and be a smart good-looking mom. Of course your body dimensions may not be the same as those before giving a birth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel good.

See the key to looking good, is feeling good. It is as if when you feel good, you shine. With just a bit of effort but more of mental attitude you sure can be a fashionable and pleasing mom to everyone, be it within or outside the family.

So what should we do?


Do you ever realize that one factor that attributes most to your looking "tired" is your hairstyle? Eventhough we are wearing headcover/bertudung, that doesn’t mean that we should forsake our “crown” when we are at home.

Don’t give yourself that look of a tired woman(hehehehehe..i confess that I did let this happen to me at most times). Take charge of yourself and the first step in that direction to get that smart look is your hairstyle.

Like me, I have the hair almost similar to “Simba”, but that doesn’t put me off from trying to have a better appearance. I invested a bit on “leave-on” hair moisturiser, put up a bun and at times accessorizing it with little butterfly clips. I did get a few comments from Miya’s papa saying that it may be a little “over” and “bimbo-tic”, but then again it makes me feel good.

Then for those wearing tudung, invest on tudung that makes you feel good and look good. The most important, make sure its comfy because if it is not comfortable to wear, it will result in you having to “betulkan” the tudung all the time. It will then result in you looking like you are fidgeting all the time and therefore portrays that you don’t have that confidence in you.


Get rid of your ill-fitting jeans and tops. Just discard them. Sell them on your blog or give them away for charity.

Search the net or visit a store to try out new styles that suit your changed personality and make you look trimmer. Find something that compliments the new you. That is the most essential part of your dress to get that WOW looks.

Remember, something that suit you when you were an “anak dara” might be less of a comfort after being a mom. Don’t feel bad if you can’t dress the way you used to, take it as a challenge to have a wardrobe make over. It a path to the new you. A better, strong, confident, happy, pretty, sexy, great looking mom.


Don’t avoid make up. Many times you will find it difficult to have time for that but go for those essentials to get a fresher look. It helps you to remain confident and look desirable.

Instead, exploit your make up material to give you that natural complexion without any flaw. As for me, I’m a firm believer of 2in1 moisturiser with foundation. It’s easy to apply in the morning and after each time wudu’ and solat. Then with some help from 2 most powerful items; the volumizing mascara and the 3in1 lippy, blusher and eyecolor, you will look like a fresh “mamasita” in less than 3mins.

Don’t believe me, ask the many experts out there…but actually what’s important that you ask yourself if you do feel good.


The next item might not sound relevant to many moms out there, but hear me well; IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

You should have a jacket, a blazer or a pantsuit. Yes, it’s your jacket that makes or mars your look of being a hot mom. It will be evenmore rewarding if you are having your own business or on your way up the corporate ladder. It doesn’t matter if you are working at the government sector or the private sector. It doesn’t matter if your are working as an executive or an assistant admin. What matters if that you dress to work to give the look that you should be taken seriously. You don’t dress to work like you are going to a “kenduri”, you dress to tell people off that you are a one smart cookie with 1001 capabilities.

I have 3 different blazer for 3 different occasion. Edmunser navy blue blazer for very formal, a “parkson brand” beige and white strip with lace trim blazer for semi-formal or formal casual, and very cheap black 4 button jacket for casual. Each one with its own duty at different occasion and without fail, each one of them had boosted my confidence.

Believe me, these jackets can influence your “feel good factor”. It boost up your confidence by making you feel that you look intelligent, smart, strong and the best part “a mom who is in charge of her life”.

And if you can afford it, get it tailored to your changed dimensions if you find it difficult to get the same from a store, though that shouldn’t be difficult.


Make use of those accessories to highlight the positive aspects of your anatomy.

If you think you look good in heel, invest in em.

If you think pretty handbags works for your look, buy em.

If you think a wide belt or kimono obi kinda belt helps to hide that after baby tummy, have em.

If you think big sunglasses, bangles, earrings, brooch tudung will boost up your confidence; go collect them to match with your outfits.

A girl gotta indulge in something right?

But be reminded, don’t over spend on em coz those extra cash could come in handy to invest on you child.


Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

fuh..caya lah!what a great tips!btw im a fan of casual blazer too!love to wear it with hot pants ;) then put on high heels w my Chanel's hbag n big sunglasses,dats it.nomely i wears blazer style bila ade girls nite out coffee coffee kat hotel/lounge..i dont wear blazer during day time s malaysia kan panas..;)tp ms study my degree d korea dlu mmg blazer la bestfren i ;)

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

n look at u hot mama miya,a very good example to other 'scarfy' moms out thr..

Farah said...

setuju!! thanks for sharing mama miya..make up is a must ok! haha simple2 pon ok..yang penting kite nampak confident dgn gaya kite...

Ely Hasrul said...

good tips!!! nk tgh nk balance nih.. dulu buruk aje kuar umah tapi kat umah i melaram.. skang duk umah ke kuar umah sama je.. bergaya u.. hehehe

Lan0stZz said...

loving this post. thanks for the info!

Mama-Miya a.k.a MiuMiu a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

stephanie-->> tq...kita control our life kan? so kita la kena tunjuk we r incharge.

farah-->> its all about confidence, confidence, cari aje apa yg boleh boost it kan?

ely-->> yup..yup..cantik at home & time kluar..kat rumah, buat2 gaya natural aje & tak kisah la nak melaram ke bila nak kluar. janji hubby tak serabut tgk kita kan?

Lan0stZz-->> this info is nothing much..just a compilation of what works in making me feel good & boost my confidence. u should find what works for u too.

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