Apr 19, 2009

Vege: Fresh vs Frozen

Its recession, our income is limited (living partially on study loan & my hubby’s part-time job income).

9am-4pm I’ll be either at school attending class or at home doing research, and 5pm-10pm Hubby is at work paid at $19 an hour.

So we got limited budget & time(we make it a point to go shopping together coz the last time I went shopping with Miya at Brunswick, there was this dodgy incident where a weird looking guy-either a drunk or a guy sniffing glue-trying to follow us-I caught him staring at my shopping items) for groceries shopping. What do we do? We decided to stock up on dried stuff & try to get good frozen stuff.

Halal meat & poultry will be bought in bulks, enough to last us 2weeks at least.

Dried stuff would include rice, mushroom, baking box, noodles, cookies, pasta & the usual herbs spices.

Then we came to the torn decision of vege. We really can’t afford to buy vege every couple of days and we know that it’s no good to be keeping vege for a long time in the fridge. So over a week, I did a research over the internet to make a decision between the battle of fresh vege vs frozen vege. My findings are as the following:

-In 1998, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that frozen fruits and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh. It's no wonder.

-It was also proven that, frozen vege hold more nutri that fresh vege coz fresh vege are sometimes being left on the shelf too long. So they lost their nutri by being left idle on the shelf. Yup! Their nutri fades in time, but not for frozen vege. Seems like the nutri got frozen it time. Huhuhu... Unless u guys can put your hand on fresh picked vege at the fresh market.

-Frozen fruits and vegetables are nothing more than fresh fruits and vegetables that have been blanched (cooked for a short time in boiling water or steamed) and frozen within hours of being picked.

-Further, frozen fruits and vegetables are processed at their peak in terms of freshness and nutrition.

-if we buy frozen vege in bulk in many variety, it can also last for over 2weeks of consumption. So $15 worth of frozen vege can be consume for over 14-20days, unlike $42 of fresh vege for 14days (e.g. spend $3-5 per day on fresh vege).

Cukup tak these facts to justify my decision to buy frozen vege? Well for now, with this $ & time limit I’m having, I guess I have not much choice but to go for frozen. Whatever it is, we just try to provide the best, within our limits, for our family right?


@Salwa said...

salam mamamiya
seram i baca ttg that weird guy yg aim u all masa shopping
most of time mmg org camtu akan nampak kita (mommy with young baby) as a simple victim, easy to attack.takutnya.
alhamdulillah takda apa2 yg tak baik jadi
btw i heard before that frozen vegies maybe better then the fresh one sbb the nutrients (especially yg heat sensitive,water soluble type n the fat soluble type as well..) are hardly to destroy compared to the fresh one.tp tak pasti betul ke tak facts ni.alasannya sbb bila dah frozen..molecule vitamins tu dh ada shield/protection dari air dan komponen lain yg turut membeku.so sementara nak masak tu..tak sempat lagi the vitamin nak cair/musnah..vegies pun dah masak..

Anonymous said...

TQ for the additional info. So atleast now bertambah confidence la I nak sediakan makanan from frozen vege. Kalau tak, sebelum ni selalu terasa cam bersalah aje tak sediakan makanan dr bahan fresh utk keluarga ku.

Lady Qay said...

nutrien dlm fd bnyak hilang depends on cara kita smpn n cara kita msk n sediakan fds tuh... frozen vege pnya cmpny mmg sllu akan cuba to preserve the nutri cntent...if tak, sapa nak beli sayur dia tak?hehehe

irvanqiesy said...

tq ye,byk info i dpt dr u...

hana robert said...

hey Ja~! U made me feel better using a frozen vege out here. Memula husband beli tu, rasa cam nak pengsan jek, i want fresh vege!! hehee... mentality kot..

btw, u study kat mana nih~?

Anonymous said...

well, fresh vege is better if u can it really fresh like 2-3days after it has been harvest. maklum la the nutri fades in time..and YES vitamin C akan pudar kalau expose to lights lama sgt.

anyway, i won't go for frozen vege kalau i ada choice of having the best fresh ones..hehehe..

study? I'm at Melbourne uni now. Pursuing masters in construction law..wish me luck, i used to hate lawyers...but now i gotta think like one..damn it!

elysuhaili said...

demmit.. even i can get fresh vege everyday pon i xmasak..

SOHO Mama said...

Salam perkenalan..got to know about your blog from a friend, Hanz of Charm Chameleon Chatterbox.
I agree with on the frozen vege. Baca sana sini memang katanya mcm tu, bab nutrients tu lah. Memang, kdg2 beli sayur, pastu lambat sikit masak dah layu..terpaksa buang. I tried to buy more variety of frozen vege but it's a bit pricey here e.g. frozen broccoli, brussel sprouts (wah ambitious!) etc. So still ada yg kena beli fresh. I like organic vege too but cant buy all organic (hmmmm faktor kos jugak). So I buy organic for the vege that is known to use more pesticide during farming e.g. spinach. Pastu kan, bayam organic pun I tgk lebih tahan lama (lambat layu) kalau dibandingkan dgn bayam biasa..

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