Dec 22, 2010

Adik Miya's 1st CTG

CTG is a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy, typically in the third trimester. The machine used to perform the monitoring is called a cardiotocograph, more commonly known as an electronic fetal monitor (EFM).

So when do you need a CTG?

o If there are health concerns for the mother during late pregnancy. This can include bleeding, high blood pressure, premature labour, diabetes, cholestasis, kidney or heart disease .

o If there are health concerns for the baby such as small for dates, an abnormality of the baby, or the pregnancy is very overdue.

o As a routine procedure during labour. Some delivery suites have a policy to perform a routine 20 minute recording of the baby's heart rate when the woman arrives in labour, even if there are no complications.

o If the waters break and the labour has not started. If the woman is waiting for her labour to start with ruptured membranes, the caregiver may perform a 20 minute trace to check her baby's well being. You can read more in waters breaking, no contractions.

o If the baby is showing signs of distress. This can be if the baby's heart rate is noticed to be lower, when the caregiver is listening intermittently (usually after a contraction during labour), or if the waters break and there is meconium staining of the amniotic fluid. This is discussed further in fetal distress.

o If the labour is being induced or augmented with an oxytocin drip or prostaglandins. These medications have the potential to overstimulate the uterus and distress the baby, therefore continuous monitoring of the baby's heart rate is usually advised when using these interventions. These are discussed in depth in Class 4, Induction and augmentation.

o If the woman is having an epidural for pain relief in labour. The baby's heart rate can lower in response to a fall in the woman's blood pressure, a possible side effect of an epidural. Caregivers usually like to have the monitor in place when an epidural is being used. You can read more on this in epidurals for pain relief.

I had my 1st esperience with CTG when I was pregnant with Miya in about late 2nd trimester. I had a kidney infection and due to that I keep on having frequent painful contractions. Alhamdulillah it didn’t trigger premie labour.

The 2nd time I got this machine strapped across my belly was during labour because I had epidural. This one did give me a scare because I can see the lines go up down drastically and I am pretty much worried that my little Miya might be in stress or something. Yang bikin makin panic is when her heartbeat drastically dropped when my water breaks. Tapi syukur Alhamdulillah, 5minutes after that Miya terus keluar.

So why suddenly I need this CTG for adik Miya?

Yesterday I had the routine check-up with the midwife at the women’s hospital. As the midwife goes on and on asking the usual routine checklist, she suddenly stopped when we come to the part about the baby’s movement. She asked how active the baby is. So I said, this week the baby is not as active as weeks before. Weeks before I even have problem sleeping because the baby keeps on main-main in the middle of the night. But now I can tell when the baby is asleep and when it’s awake. Terus the midwife send me to the pregnancy daycare centre for a CTG.

There, I thought things will be just easy peasy like how it was with Miya. Sekali tak pasal-pasal lah anak ini kena label dengan the midwives there as a VERY NAUGHTY BABY.

Mana tak nye, when I 1st got strapped, we can hear the heartbeat properly and not 5minutes after that , the baby boleh pusing-pusing. So the monitor can’t read the heartbeat. So kena betulkan semula the strap. Not even 5minutes after that budak ni tido pulak, so the midwife suruh minum air ais to wake the baby up. Terjagalah budak tu, but kejap aje tu. Dia sambung tido balik. Sabar aje lah mama dia kat sini. So I had to drink another cup of water and was told to chew on ice to keep the baby awake.

The drama doesn’t end there. Bila dia terjaga, dia main guling-guling pulak. So kejap ada heartbeat, kejap faint aje reading dia. Last-last, midwife tu suruh I baring on my rusuk kiri on elevated bed supaya kurang ruang untuk budak tu nak pusing. Then about 15minutes in such position, barulah dapat an accurate reading that meets the category ensuring that the baby is ok.

Adus-adus... the procedure yang patut take only 10-20minutes jadi over and hour daaa. Ni semua angkara budak naughty ni lah. Malu aje mama dia kat situ. Takpelah anak, janji kamu sihat and kalau nak naughty-naughty ni, buatlah dalam perut ni. Jangan dah kluar nanti makin menjadi lasak dia sudah lah yeee.

(Lepas tu mama dia berlari mencari toilet, maklumlah lepas minum air banyak gitu. Full bladder and contractions are not good combo!)


:cahya schatz: said...

wish u all the best..insya Allah...

Nadiah Sidek said... saje nak menyakat mama dia la tu :D

Lady Qay said...

canggih tu mesin ctg tu...pki monitor..kat sini pki yg ols skul mcm mesin ecg tu...kuar kertas..huihi

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