Jul 22, 2010

Breastfeeding & Pregnancy

Yay! I’ve reached a point where I can finally write about breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Eventhough Miya is over 2years old, I am still breastfeeding her. Bukan sebab sentimental, but more of convenience. So kalau I tengah mabuk-mabuk, tired tak larat nak sediakan food for her or we all tengah on the go while running errand, Miya still takkan kelaparan because I can just offer her some milk. My milk is always nutritious and the best food Miya could have. Her feeding amount pun dah reduced, yet I know that the immunological benefits are still very valuable.

So how does it feel?

As early as 4weeks pregnant, during breastfeeding I terasa sakit kat nipple. The pain is similar to the feeling when I first breastfeed Miya after her birth while having a cracked nipple. It feels like the kid’s mouth have this powerful suction. Ada rasa macam budak tu mengigit juga, walaupun sebenarnya dia menyusu saja. Also I feel tired frequent and bila menyusu lama sikit, badan rasa lenguh/sengal.

Happily I declare that breastfeeding during pregnancy is not a problem for me.

However, baru-baru ni after a series of blood test, I found that almost everything is ok. Its just that I kena vitamin D deficiency. Nasib la kan, dah le pregnant sambil menyusu, pastu now tengah winter pulak. Mana nak cari matahari sihat. Matahari pun segan-segan nak kluar.

The doctor said there shouldn’t be any problem for a pregnant mom to continue nursing, but she reminded me that I should really really really take a good care of my diet and never miss without a “pregnancy & breastfeeding multivitamin”.

She said for normal and healthy pregnancy (with no previous history of miscarriage in the first 20 weeks or preterm labour after 20 weeks) there is no evidence to suggest breastfeeding is threatening to a pregnancy. If you do miscarry, it is unlikely to be because you are breastfeeding. There is no such thing that breastfeeding is taking 'the goodness away from the unborn baby'.

Dah memang Allah tu Maha Kuasa kan? In reality it is your unborn baby has the first call on all the nutrients it needs, the second is your breastfeeding child and lastly whatever nutrient left is for the mother. Memang Allah dah jadikan badan mothers like that. Kasih saying ibu tu not limited to perasaan aje tau.


dbalkis said...

Rasa motivated baca ur entry and it seems that there's nothing wrong to fully bf for the whole 9 mths of pregnancy rite? Kebanyakkan orang stop or forced to stop bf while carrying another one.

Ely Hasrul said...

nnti ntah2 susu u lagikk byk sbb carry si kecik tu hihihi.. kiss miya

ibuaiman said...

Alhamdulillah ada juga kawan yg sama macam saya, still continue breastfeeding even tengah pregnant.Memang i pernah baca kat bbcenter sblm ni yg breastfeeding tak jd masalah even kita pregnant dan saya percaya dengan ilmu yang saya baca. Tapi my mother or my mother in law lum tahu psl perkara ini. Bagi orang tua-tua mungkin agak pelik bagi mereka kan.Semoga kita sama-sama berjaya dalam tandem breastfeeding ni ye Mamamiya...:)

amirah said...

semoga terus sihat untuk menyusukan dan menjaga kandungan..hope i can do tandem nursing as well, if ada rezeki dlm masa terdekat..take care.. : )

Sue said...

semangat semula bila baca miya bfeed until now. huhu.. ermmm bfeeding while pregnant ni ada tak rasa mcm berdenyut2 dgn perut (rahim) tu..? mcm mula2 bfeed masa pantang yg rahim tu nk mengecut... just nk tau je

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

dbalkis--> from my reading, nnt 2nd trimester susu mula sikit. by 3rd trimester kita produce colostrum aje. kalau anak tak kisah rs colostrum yg masin tu, dia boleh terus menyusu. but most case, nnt bila susu dah tukar rasa, anak pun wean off sendiri.

ely--> boobs now bengkak keras, but susu sikit aje..

ibuaiman--> ha tu la, kita dah ada ilmu. now kena eksperimen & buktikan yg its safe to BF. nnt jd contoh lak.

amirah--> insyaAllah. kalau semua berjaga, Allah tolong la kot. niatnye pun baik kan?

sue--> rs cramping takde. cuma sakit nipple tu aje la. some moms, mabuk time BF. mesti muntah after BF. hahaha..

eRaY said...

wow it is a very good experience breastfeeding with pregnancy. if ade rezeki insyaallah dapat rasa cam 2 jugak.
nway sgt setuju dengan point bile x sempat nk prepare baby food or tgh sibuk kesini sana, tak payah susah2 hanya selak & suakan saje..MUDAH :)

reitak said...

opps sorry terlambat - congrats on your pregnancy :)
and I do agree that b/feeding is convenient on top of all other perks! Keep it up!

lailasani said...

sy dulu pun sama... tp ms pregnant dh cecah 4-5bulan gitu tpaksa berenti sbb nip**e mengalami luka yg sangat terus. maybe sbb susu kureng tp my damia dok hisap jugak nk bagi keluar... sekrg ni kadang2 damia mintak jugak nk lepaskan gian. harap2 laaa nanti boleh tandem nursing bila adek dh keluar.
take care ye...


all the best dear!

fiza said...

Alhamdulillah ija, masih bley BF during pregnant. I jugak yg terpaksa stop sebab tak tahan sgt..huhuhu...

Aan Andes said...

Thank you for this entry! I baru ada sorang anak and still bf, just thinking what if I get pregnant again, will I wean her? But reading this buat I motivated. Yup sangat betul Almighty God, all the nutrients goes to unborn child dulu, then bf and then baru mommy. So nothing to worry unless u have another problem. Thanks for reminding me this ;)

Glam Mama Adriana said...

Congrats and good for you! BFing during pregnancy isn't for everyone, but in my experience, it was so worth it :D I'm still tandem nursing, and though some periods during pregnancy were so awful I almost considered weaning... I am so glad I didn't!

kakyong said...

tahniah for pregnancy & for still continuing BF for miya...

bertuah bila mampu buat 2-2 tu.. mcm kakyong dulu memang tak dpt dibantu.. susu kering masa pregnant.. doktor kata itu biasa utk ibu2 dah lebih 35..

all the best for you, baby & miya..

Anonymous said...

congrats...u memang hebat!
I had to stop bfeeding my dotter when she was 1 yr 2 mths (sedih gak) after i found out i was pregnant. I did try to continue but carrying the 2nd baby was a bit too tasking for me with all the morning sickness and not enough fluid. So my dr advised me to stop so that tak memudaratkan, benda ni you can't force yourself into.


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