May 7, 2010

HOW TO MULTIPLY YOUR BABY’S INTELLIGENCE? (Part 4- Education, Intelligence & Attitude)

The younger a child is the more important it is that both quantity of time and quality of time be high. Like what I have mentioned before in my previous posts, it’s really important for us to wake up these “geniuses in coma” through the proper “therapy”.

When a child is born, he/she is born with a gift of functional intelligence. However he/she has no facts at his/her disposal and so they don’t know on how to use that gift. Therefore, without facts there can be no intelligence. It is important to note that if we arouse the child so that he no longer is in coma, and assuming that he/she was well prior to being in coma, he/she may then demonstrate an I.Q. of 137. This is when our child reaches the state of potential intelligence.

The smarter the kids used their intelligence, the fewer they have of those characteristics which occasionally make us naik darah. The brighter they are, the less likely they are to whine, cry, complain, hit and buat kita menyampah. They have no such need to do so to express their feeling or to get our attention. This is because they know on what to do to maturely express their wanting and they may even have found solution to their problem.

The brighter they are, the richer they are in all the characteristics for which we love children.

They are, in addition, more curious, more independent, more capable of taking care of themselves. They are more confident, more self-assured, more conscious of their own worth and have highly developed personalities. They are their own people. They are very interesting people who respect others and expect to be respected in turn.

We can measure our abilities and our worth by what we do about it. We can measure the size of the geniuses by the size of the problems which frustrate them. Kalau anak kita bijak berfikir, when they face problems, they will try to solve it first instead of whining or crying or throwing a temper tantrum.

This is when we should know on when to help our kid and when to let them try to solve a problem.

Let me question a common situation and you give it a think of what is the right way to nurture our child:

1) A toy fell from the sofa while anak kita tengah main with it. Anak cried out for the toy. What should we do?

a) pick it up and bagi pada dia so that she will hush.


b) tell the kid to pick it up sendiri.

2) A toy is under the sofa and anak kita can't reach for it. She cried for help. What should we do?

a)reach for it and bagi so anak akan hush.


b) use a stick/ruler/senduk/cloth hanger to push/scoop out the toy. Then put it back and let your child give it a try to retrieve the toy.

When Miya was just a tiny crawler, she faced these kind of common situation. Indeed she did cry for help without trying. So what I did was, I will tell her to try first and when I think she really can't do it, I will help her while explaining on I solve the problem. Now Miya will try first on finding the solutions to her problem and when she's really frustrated or knows that the solution to her problem is not executable by a tiny toddler, only then she will ask for my help. (Tapi kena ingat, cara ni agak annoying coz anak akan banyak bunyi and commonly orang luar akan pikir yang kita ni mak-mak yang tak kisah anak bising or melalak. But hey, who cares if the result is for our kid to be a smarter kid. ) However, once out kid is used to this learning process, the whining, crying and tantrum will lessen and in return, we will get a smart and calm/mature kid. Betul tak? Betul betul betul.....

So are we helping them enough on this problem solving area? Have let them try to solve their problem instead of just giving solution? Have we teach them the basic solution and then let them explore on how to exploit the new fact learned? Have we teach them enough so that they can teach themselves to exploit the newly taught fact?

*Coming up soon--> "HOW TO MULTIPLY YOUR BABY’S INTELLIGENCE? (Part 5- Early Education Will Make the Kid Bored Attending Primary School?)


My_Aqeelah said...

alamak...patutnya itula yang saya buat kat Aqeelah. ni setiap kali dia nk satu benda, saya akan bagi sebab tensi gak tgk dia meragam. okeh lepas ni akan ikut cara yang mamamiya tulis nih. tq dear sebab bukak kan mataku ineh.

NURUL IZZA said...

oo mcm tu eh??tp kdg mmg kt patut biar dia xplore je..

p.s: aussie dh nk msuk winter..sini dh summer(almost).nway, bg nyusu badan bayk2 kt baby utk prevent dia dr virus dulu iman pun duk selsema lg, ms dia umur 2minggu.mmg bg susu badan je.alhamdulillah kebah dgn sendiri..

:cahya schatz: said...

salam...mai amek banner muttertag yer...sal

temp. housewife said...

I have to remind myself about this too. I learnt this when I was in the playcentre but sometimes I was too lazy to practice it. huhu

yatie chomeyl said...

nice tips part hukur senduk tu. baby SN selalu baling bola di amausk bawah sofa pastu mommy ken akutip utk dia hik3x..lepas ni nk hulur senduk je kat dia *jangan dia ketuk paler mommy dgn senduk suruh tlg amikkan pulak* ngeeeeee

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