Nov 23, 2009

Potty Train- Journey Begins (part 1)

After reading a few guides, books & potty training article; I did the potty training quiz. The result says:

"Bring on the potty chair!
Congratulations: Your child is ready to begin toilet training. She is emotionally, physically and cognitively ready to take on this exciting new challenge. Here are some signs that indicate she's raring to go:

She understands the need to "go" and can communicate this to you before she actually goes.

She has nighttime control over her bowel movements.

She demonstrates imitative behavior.

She dislikes wet or dirty diapers.

She is able to stay dry for at least two hours or wakes up dry after a nap.

She is able to pull elastic waist pants up and down."

We're gonna pick up a potty soon.

But for now what I'm doing:

1) In the morning, I demo to her on me sit on the toilet & pee. Then I just put her on the loo & try to get her to pee. (I know its a bit tak senonoh, but I just feel that its important for me to demo it. I did also show her some video on youtube of other kids on the potty).

2) After Miya poop in nappy, I showed to her that poop belongs in the toilet bowl & kena flush. So we scoot the poop into the bowl & I let her flush. Miya geli each time dia tgk poop tu. So its a good sign that she knows its dirty & shouldn't be in the nappy.

3) Each time Miya pee or poop, I akan tegur dia. So dia tau that she just did it. (I read biasa anak lambat potty train sebab dia tak sedar yg dia poop or pee).

For now, I'm just doing these. So that dia faham function toilet tu. This is our STAGE 1.

But 1 thing for sure, I will not put pressure on this process. We will deal with it as long as it takes, so that Mama tak stress & Miya tak frustrate on why mama dia stress..hahahhaha..STAGE 2 will only start after Miya paham function potty as tempat pee & poop.

Later when we have pick a potty, I'll give an update on the next stage.


Drama Mama said...

haha?? miya dah nak start potty train??? that's fast! irfan macam still not ready coz he dun control it la, kalau tak pakai diaper he'ss just pee whenever and wherever he felt like it

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

drama mama--> bukan terus tak pakai just nak bg kita kenal2 dgn loo dulu..then at time i akan put her on the loo just nak bg dia tau function loo. nnt bila dia dah start reti kata nak poo & pee, br la i start beli training underpantz & potty.

kita slow slow dulu..

nadnye said...

normaly girl is a faster learner than boys.. cepat matured.. miya pun dah boleh start potty train cepat sebab mama yang ajar..
Uzair cepat potty train as compared to his big bro, sebab dia duduk umah dan senang nak control training, bila dia nak pee. Umur 3 tahun dah tak perlu pakai diapers siang dan malam.. tapi apa2 pun bergantung kepada tahap kematangan budak2 tu

Lady Qay said...

zaffran pun dah ajr skit2 utk potty train...dia phm id suruh pee sblum kuar toilet..hihihi

MaJoRiTy MaMa said...

bagus la pernah tbaca, mmg ada mommy yg bjaya potty train anak dia before 2 years. tp itu mgkn intensive sgt kot.najihah takut dgn toilet bowl,ingat nak beli toilet bowl cover yg utk toddler tu..agaknya najihah seriau, wlaupn kita pegang.

harlinda halim said...

very good info..will benefit me a lot! thanks ye...sgt suke membacenyeee...

Jiji said...

aku paling tak suka tang potty train ni.. adeh! tiada kesabaran laa tunggu anak berak!

nieda said...

potty train yang sgt comel, info yg menarik

5577 said...

very good info!
am still trying to potty train nadhrah..
she only knows to tell after she has already poo poo.. dia mcm takleh nak tau, seblum.. mebbe becos she's too active, only when its eeky n mengelikan baru she stop n ask me to cuci..
adoi.. tolong!

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

aik wht a coincidence hun!so how was it?has she potty train babe?girls are easier than boys kot babe as ryan nya birdie slalu kucar kacirkan potty area bila pee bdiri.bila poo lak,half way dah thx for d idea letak potty tepi try n keep u updated smart mommy. ;pxoxo

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

stephanie--> i'm doing it slow & steady. my target, by 2.5yrs dah graduate 100% potty train.

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