Oct 16, 2009

Mommy's Break to keep Mommy Sane

I once learned from Dr. Phil that parents, particularly mothers who have a tendency to martyr for their families, have an obligation to take care of their children’s caregiver. As parents, we are duty-bound to spend adequate time tending to our own well being. Not only is it not selfish, it is essential for our physical, mental and emotional health. It is impossible to pour from an empty teapot. If the caregiver stresses out or becomes ill, there is no one left to look after anyone.

Parents are the model of how adult life is like and since our children are constantly learning on how to live from us, therefore, we indeed need to portray something wonderful and positive. But how are we going to portray of such image if we are having a tough time to keep ourselves sane? Here’s some tips.

Self Care Breaks

1. Keep a diary or a blog and keep the commitment. With this, you are at a constant tempo expressing yourself outloud. With nothing much bottled up, surely you will have less steam scorching your inner being.

2. Do something each day to nurture yourself physically (take a walk), mentally (read the paper), emotionally (call a friend) and spiritually (meditate or solat). Do your chosen activity for a few minutes or much longer. This may help for you to connect to your inner thoughts.

3. Nap when you can. Research studies report that napping increases energy and focus. However for me, if I have too much naps I will have headache. So I keep this nap thingy in moderate pace.

4. Transform self care routines into mini breaks. Take in a long and appreciative breath as you smell your hair shampoo, feel your silky lingerie and taste your favourite breakfast. I love my morning coffee, exfoliating my face in the afternoon before zohor prayer, eating peanut butter from a spoon in the late afternoon and blogging. Change what doesn’t satisfy you.

5. Soak in a bubble bath or give yourself a massage in a hot shower. Get that comfy and refreshing feeling.

“Mommy and Daddy Time” Breaks

1. Daily greet each other with hug, kiss and “How’s your day, hun?”

2. Regularly have five to 10 minutes pillow talk.

3. Have one mutually favourite television show or movie to watch while cuddling.

4. For a high couple enhancement break...Don’t forget to have sex atleast once a month. The more the better...You’ll get what I mean.


Rozy said...


regarding the jounal or blog. should we let daddy know its existence? I mean if sometimes when we just pour evrything from our heart no matter what it is, it might someway hurt daddy.

Anonymous said...

hi rozy, i pun tak sure on how it is coz lain org lain cara nya. so something that works for 1 person might not work for another, kan?

but for me, my hubby reads both of my blog. my mommy blog & my other adulthood blog. he is ok with it.

best way to keep a good relationship is to have a good relationship. share your UPs & DOWNs. be truthful on how you feel, tapi pakai politic la nak express it. kita kan org manis2, so cara yg guna pun manis2 la. jgn la sampai menguris dia kan?

Drama Mama said...

i totally agree about the blogging as ways of expressing your feelings. my hub knows and read my blog, so i hafta really watch what i write. it's good sometimes coz that way we won't air out our dirty laundry to everyone in the moment of exasperation and regret it later.

but he'll know if i'm down or anything by reading my blog and will know how to handle situation without me having to tell him personally how i feel hehe.

Anonymous said...

hey drama mama, agree with you. maybe thru our blog. Mr Hubby will understand us better. Sometimes kita tak mampu nak cakap direct. So nanti bila dia baca, dia paham la apa yg terbuku di hati kita, kan?

Ely Hasrul said...

papi know bout my blog but i'm not sure dia baca ke tak. huh nk kena tnya nih, kalu dia baca mula la i start nk kuarkn sumenye ahhaha pantangggg

Farah said...

haha btui2..kalau tak buat semua tu mmg leh jadi gila jugak..mmg blog ni boleh jadi diary jugak kan..tiap2 hari pon nak update

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

yeah,its really important to share everything w ur husband.tak kisahla benda remeh or secret.sexuality is better.makes u more intimate.it may sound taboo to other ppl but,i bet u,ul b fine w it.just b 'open' to ur husband.no harm.

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

s for me,my husband read our son's blog,knows me EVERYTHING.in n out,size,- n +.its gud n i rasa sexy abt it.confidence pun tinggi.alah,kalau bcinta bukan main,y dont bila dah kawen ni 'selam' la smua nya,betul tak?

nadnye said...

Blogging is something I looking forward and such a theraphy for me.. he knew it and dun mind about it..
Ohh kalau dapat buat no 5 selalu seronok gak :>.. kat rumah takde tub.. haha.. tapi sebab ada 3 orang anak, agak sukar nak ada masa untuk diri sendiri

Hanz said...

True indeed! Thanks for this tips. I did most of it but I still exhausted...but inner feeling I'm contented most of the time unless it the 'red break', I'm grumpy a bit! LOL..

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

lol,at least once a month for d intercourse?urm..at least 2 weeks a month can?hehehe

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