Jul 22, 2009

Miya the late teether...

Back few months ago, I did a poll in my blog asking mommies out there on when their kid start teething. This is because Miya is now almost 15months old but she has no teeth at all.

Tapi, I dok rasa her lower gum, every so often and I think I rasa 2 batang gigi coming soon. The gum haven't cut yet, but when i had a look at it... I can see 2 little white lines. OMG, Miya finally nak tumbuh gigi ke?

Some special babies teethe early. Usually the poor mommies have to endure the agonizing infant teether. Teeth erupting in a baby younger than 5 or 6 months is considered early teething, but it’s not incredibly rare to hear of a baby with a couple of teeth by 4 months or even 3 months of age. Remember, symptoms may be displayed well before those pearly whites actually appear.

Teeth buds grow during the first trimester of pregnancy, and you may have heard of babies who were born with teeth—even a full set of them. These instances of “natal teeth” are highly unusual, affectingly only about 1 in 2,000 to 3,000 newborns, according to the National Institutes of Health. Oftentimes, these teeth are not deeply rooted and must be removed to avoid nursing or other feeding problems, or the risk of choking in the case that they detach and are swallowed or breathed into the lungs.

On the other end of the spectrum, some babies teeth very late. Miya is one of the little “late teether”. Such “delayed teething,” defined as no teeth having appeared by 13 months, can be hereditary, so if you’re worried ask your parents if they got their teeth late. I was told by some of my relatives that I am a late teether myself and therefore, Miya is just following my footsteps.

However, in other cases, late teething can be a result of poor nutrition, thyroid problems, an obstruction in the gums or other medical issues, and it’s best to consult a doctor. Having these matters noted in my little head, I just keep on monitoring Miya’s “missing teeth” progress.

From my reading, I have been reassured over and over by experts, pediatrician and a pediatric dentist that Baby’s teeth would emerge when they were darn good and ready.

Further, from my reading, experts said if your toddler haven't start teething at 18months, parents should start scream for help. I didn't mean scream as in jerit tolong. Parents should contact their pediatrician and also consult a pediatric dentist . They should provide a proper advice on what we should do in those cases.

From my little research on late teether, I had also found a few “Old Wives’ Tales”. Memacam benda karut about teething ni and have been warned to ignore them.

Among some teething myths you may hear if your baby cuts teeth early or late, some of the things might sakit kan hati and some provide some comfort to moms. For example, some believe that early teeth are a sign of intelligence. And there was a time that a baby born with teeth was shunned as unlucky, selfish or a variety of other maladies. Bunk, all of it. Supposedly, however, Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar were born with teeth. I was also told that it is good that your child is a late teether . It has something to do with their good luck.

Whatever dever la...I just need Miya to have some teeth soon because kesian. She really wanna eat everything, but most of the time she will kick off a hell of frustration coz she can't bite a piece of the food. Contoh, she almost throw tantrum bila dia dok gigit ayam goreng, but nothing come off. Dia dapat amik rasa aje. Kesian kan?


Adwindaa said...

yeeaaayyyyy miya nak tumbuh gigi jugak akhirnya.... hmmm 2 batang sekali ek... harap2 miya tak demam la... muahhh utk dia ek... nanti leh la gigit mama time nenen ye miya ekekekekek.....

Ely Hasrul said...

aah.. i kesian bile miya nk gigit tapi xdpt unlike sami gigi dh 8 tapi still mami kena kunyahkn ayam sbb dia xmo kunyah sdr huh..

tapi toksah la dok pecaya sume myths tuh! i mmg tak caya sume2 nih sbb kadang bleh menyakitkn ati dan mnjatuhkan semangat kite aje.. lelagik sistem pembelajaran skang yg bermula seawal 2TAHUN (2thn dh kena pakai baju sekolah and bwk beg penuh buku) WAT???? i ajar ape yg boleh, i sedia ape yg boleh, siap ajar dr dlm perut lagik, for me sami dah dpt lebeh dr orang lain.. tapi yang penting i still nk dia enjoy and berguling2 bermain aje spt yg sepatutnye.. at least sami berguling2 dgn tiny love mat, fisher price gear toy and enjoy grolier.. hehehehee..

so jangan kecewaaaaa ok miya??? miya tetap menantu pilihan no. 1 !!

fiza said...

Finally...at 15 months miya tumbuh gigi :).

yatie chomeyl said...

yeay miya dah ada gigi...mesti dia asyik nak menggigit semua benda sekarang ni kan..

Mommy Stephanie Liah said...

congratulations Miya!

Farah said...

hehe dah ade tanda2 tu..alhamdulillah..yup maybe sbb mommy die pon lambat ade gigi might be one of the reason miya pon lambat..hehe ank mommy btul mia ni!

babycomel said...

akhirnya miya nak tumbuh gg, 2btg skali naik ye, harap2 tak demam n meragam le....aina aritu naik 2btg skali demam n buat apa pun tak kena asik nak ngamuk je...lalalalala

AlohaMolly said...

HI ..oh miya..cute little girl..I can understand her frustration..actually my son being an eager eater..got frustrated too when he couldn't bite off things that is beyond his reach...

But he is early teether allrite..at 4 mths..I am lucky that his teeth does not interfere with our breastfeeding journey like her sis at 12mths old.[Thank God..keep it going..and thriving at BF pls.. :)]

nadnye said...

Akhirnya... baru jea nak jealous kat Sarah..tak sempat.....
Yeayy Miya dah ada gigi.. :)

Bitt said...

congrate yer miya...

my 1st son(formular milk since born) start tumbuh gg masa dia 1tahun setengah, and my 2nd son(BF till now) 7month start tumbuh gg...yg bezanya kerja i hehehe bila tak de gg all food nak kena blender bila ade gg nak kena gosook pulak...dan masing2 ade kerenah tersendiri...yg penting biar dia enjoy the food n we serve gud food = healthy = gud development progress = intelligent ;)

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