Jan 15, 2009

Menu for My 8month old Miya

Since Miya is 8months old, she started to show her personality. Ada character..ada attitude…and I really hate it that now dia dah mula show her personality and attitude towards her food.

It is important to note that even at this stage, not all babies between the age of 8-12 months old will be eating the same amounts nor will they be eating the same foods. Tu la yang buat mama miya ni pening and resah.

Selepas almost a week of compiling menu and mind boggling thinking process, I came up with this menu. These menu mama miya come up after knowing miya’s favorites and also have been tested and waited at its proper time period to detect an allergic reaction.


· ½ cup Fruity Yogurt, 1/2cup Oatmeal with Fruits (pisang/prune/apple puree)

· ¼ Toast with cheese & fruits, 1/2cup Rice Fruity Tofu Pudding

· 1 panini cheese with prunes

· 1 panini/tortilla with cheese + banana


· 1cup Angelhair pasta with pumpkin sauce (pumpkin puree, garlic oil & grated carrots)

· 1cup Spaghetti with Popeye Pesto (Garlic Oil, spinach, cheese & green peas=all pureed)

· 1cup Spaghetti with Potato Chunks & mince beef (buat ala2 goreng2 with butter/olice oil)

· 1 bijik Ketupat with Ayam carik2/mince beef & vege chunks.

· Rojak Singapore Ala Baby (kentang goring, tofu goring & steam vege, tanpa kuah rojak)

Dinner or Snack time

· 1cup Beehoon/ketiau Soup with chicken soup or vege soup

· 1cup Oats with vege/chicken soup

· 1cup Oat with milk & fruits

· Rusk with milk

· Baby bites chicken vege flavoue.

Well tu la menu yg I plan for Miya, but the thing is dia still picky….kekadang I have to sediakan 2 jenis makanan, Sweet & Savory..so dia akan makan half of the sweet & half of the savory. Experts keep on saying that:

“Do NOT feel as though your baby should be eating solid foods according to any schedule! Your baby will eat as much solid foods as your baby needs - trust your baby's cues!”

But I don’t know why, my little heart still worries, wondering if Miya is having enough calories as required by her active body or not. I just pray that makanan yg I sediakan ni contains enough nutrition utk Miya grow healthy, so kalau dia makan sikit pun still mencukupi utk dia terus sihat. Also now, I never miss giving her the Appeton infant drop. Hoping the multivitamine, lysine & whatever healthy stuff in there will help my darling daughter grow healthy and grow better appetite too.

*note- geram sgt, cik minah ni sibuk nak main & explore dunia sampai kurang makan. She used to swallow the whole tub of food..now nak habiskan satu tub tu sejam..


Anonymous said...

samalah baby kita...my baby sofiah pun 8 bulan.....sejak last month boleh merangkak sana-sini dan dah boleh stand momentarily ni makan sikit sangat..tgh2 makan sibuk nak berdiri dlm highchair.....tension maknya....dahla dalam bulan lepas dua kali demam...berat jadi susut....MIL pun suruh bagi FM....tapi mak dia yg sangat berat hati nak kasik...........nurse kat klinik kesihatan suruh bagi makan lagi kerap....

Anonymous said...

unsalted butter jenis pe yg ada ye?

mommy2H said...

dont worry too much..my son dah 8mos jugak tp i tak bg mkn pon lg..alhamdulillah exclusively BF(air masak pon tak kasik..hehe) graf pembesaran dia bagus..in fact terkeluar graf..huhu
BF is the best, they support all the nutrition your baby needs. ada research pakar perubatan jepun mengatakan better to introduce solid after 1yrs old, BF sampai 2 yrs old(dlm islam pon kan)
just my 2cents *smile*

Liz said...

ija, i'm quite surprise actually. miya dah leh mkn makanan yg separa pejal eh? mcm utk anak i, semuanya i masih puree kan. kdg2 tu, saja jugak la bg lecek2 je. x berani nak bg mcm seketul-seketul lg. (contoh, ketupat tu).

can u please explain to me? bila agaknya dah leh cuba bg anak mkn camtu? i still x cuba. takut dia tercekik.


Mama-Miya a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

liz, actually kita kena slowly intro pepejal to anak. in away akan train perut dia utk hadam benda yg lebih complex.

nak wean anak ni ada 2stage, 1 intro to solid (6-7bln) & 2nd stage is establishing solid (8bln above).

cam menu tuk miya 8months ni, bukanye keras. all still soft cooked & cam pasta & roti dipotong kecil. so gusi kosong dia masih boleh mash the food.

about tercekik, u shouldn't worry. memula maybe akan tercekik a few times coz dia akan br blajar kunyah. then dia akan reti la makan solid ni. dont worry kalau anak takde gigi garham lg..percaya lah no prob. gusi anak cukup kuat utk smash all of the soft cooked food. serius ni, miya yg setahun ni still no teeth & ok aje dia makan adult food..even nasik campur is no prob for her.

ni semua mmg process utk establishing solid.

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